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Big Inballance

Okay so my bench and my rows seem to be on the same level which is good and all but i have a big problem… my deads are about twice as strong as my squat. why could this be? i was thinking maybe because i play so much hockey but i really have no clue.

I’m in a similar situation. My deadlift has always been far ahead of my squat. I think part of it has to do with my build, short legs, long arms. So I’m a natural with deadlifts. Not to mention that my upper back is very strong, so once I break the plane with my leg strength off the floor, I can easily pull to lockout.

Depending on how you squat, there may or may not be a strong correlation between the lifts.

Wow, I could cut & paste Nate’s response.

I think I may have a weak link somewhere in my squat, maybe my lower back. I can use 3X as much weight on the Leg Press than what I squat.

Hockey player as well…and the same problem. If I can get it an Inch off the ground I can get it all the way to lockout.

It could also depend upon how familiar you are with the exercise…I started doing squats long before I even knew what a deadlift was. So my squat is very heavy and about 3 times what my deadlift is…

often times, people deadlift a lot more than they squat because they need to gain weight

Maybe you just have weak quads?

How the hell can you compare leg press to squats?!!?!?!
that just fukn stupid.

Uhm i started to squat way before i deadlifted and my squats are much weaker.

And another hockey player here. Same problem. As of tonight, I’m deadlifting 405 (proud of myself), but I doubt I could squat 2/3 of that. It’s primarily a case of quadriceps weakness, so I’ve discovered.

Long legs, long arms, 180 lbs for reference.


Bobo, it’s because you’re a tall ecto. Your deadlift will always be better than your squat. End of story.

I’ve been deadlifting for 8 months and its already over 100 lbs more than my squat, and I also play hockey, but I’m also a tall lanky bastard. I box squatted since i started deadlifting too and my squat has barely changed, so I am also awaiting an answer…

Char you had better watch out, i’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my ass lately. =)