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Big Gyms In Big D


I am going to be visiting the Metroplex in October for about a 2 week stint (Plano for a week and then Grand Prairie the following week) and was curious if anyone had some suggestions for top-notch gyms in those 2 areas. While it has been 25+ years since I have been in Big D (and I was just a kid at the time), I know that it's not the kind of place you want to do a lot of driving in, so anything good in those 2 spots I will be visiting will be ideal.

On a side note, as a die hard Cowboys fan who has never been to Texas Stadium, I am giving a lot of thought to buying tix to the Cowboys/Patriots game during the weekend I will be there. I cannot imagine how pricey they will be, but for a game like that, totally worth it.


Cowboys fan? I thought you were a descent human being. Go Redskins!


There are plenty of gyms in both places and I'm sure you can buy a week pass. It won't take much looking around to find one and the driving isn't that bad.


And to think I was impressed with your excellent avatar selection. :wink: