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Big Guys Got a Question


"Insert random question about an imaginary problem that Big Bodybuilder types on this site might imaginary face on a daily basis such as being exempted from groups or women hiding there babies from them"




Put it in your pooper.






Right out of the gate! Nice.


Yes, this happens to me all of the time. Then, like all lifters bigger than 150lbs, I go home and cry myself to sleep at night wishing I looked more like an Abercrombie model only with slightly less unfunctional muscle mass.

Don't even get me started on "insert random clothing problem big guys have that somehow everyone possesses if they so much as gain 2lbs of muscle as a beginner", cause that shit is a bitch.


LOL, WTF did you just say?


Imaginarily face.


Do any of you guys have problems finding t-shirts that fit?

XXL just doesn't cut it anymore.

I'm probably gonna have to quit lifting cuz my gunz are just too hyooge.

sad. Maybe I can just do one of CW's routines in the meantime.



You too?

I've been using one of these. It doesn't form fit to my shoulders very well, but at least my ginormous lats can fit inside. Once I get up to a MASSIVE 180lbs, I may have to go up a size.


i have to take a ship sail and wear it as a toga. woe is me.



I buy the biggest size available and have the waist taken in...unfortunately commercially-available clothing rarely accounts for my size-a-tude. Even then, my vastus medialis stretches the denim to the threshold of breakage, and the friction generated between my sculpted, redwood-like thighs after a day of walking could power a Central American country for several months.

I was thinking that I might start a business selling "squatter pantz" to bodybuilders. (misspelling intentional, to emphasize how frigging INTENSE these babies would be). These would be similar to "Chuck Norris Action Jeans"...a garment that has taken into account how AWESOME it's wearer is and how conventional pants cannot possibly accomidate them. Any takers?


too awesome.

What sizes will they come in?


Huge Quadz, Freaky Quadz, Freaky Huge Quadz, and Platz. What can I put you down for?



"Too huge" and "Mega Damn ain't that a bitch look at the size of that fucker".

Obviously that last one will need a bigger label. Lucky for us your legs are obviously big enough.


Oh snap, they expanded the line!!

They must be selling like hotcakes.


Are those Action Jeans real? I definitely need a pair. I'm constantly picking fights with people to show them my sweet high kicks and then ripping my Wrangler's up.


"I'm so buff I can't get on de buss"


They're real alright....Real deadly!!