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Big Guy Trying To Lose His Weight And Not His Mind

Hello all, here’s the scoop. I’m 6’4" tall, weigh approx 350lbs. Athlete all my life playing football through college. I’ve put on some pounds through adulthood and now have to shed those. I’ve looked at my BMR, and it stated around 3700 cals. I’ve started logging on MFP everyday with a deficit of 1000 cals. So daily intake is 2666 cals. My question is it more advantageous to calculate/keep track of calorie intake or macros? I see some people say carb cycling is better, deficit calorie diet is better. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to work in some physical activity at least 3 days a week(cycling, stair stepper, jogging).

IMO… at this point in the game, keep it simple. Eat less, move more. Try to get rid of as much processed food as possible. And walk.

Once you build back your endurance, then find a good program and follow it.


Just change variables one at a time. In both diet & physical activity. As mentioned above, you could go for walks and shed some pounds. When that stops working, something has to be changed. Walk for longer distances, or more frequently. etc. Once walking plateaus in general, you can start gymming.

Diet wise just start halving a meal here n there, eventually halving all meals, etc. Up the veggie and whole grain intake. The fiber satiates.

I would say to keep track of calories with only a watchful eye on macros…mainly protein. To me, macros become more important proportional to my amount of leanness – and even then I still don’t pay super close attention to the carbs and fat. I look at myFitnessPal and say “oh, I got some carbs, I got some fats.”

Don’t try to eliminate carbs. Just take have more of them on training days.

When life throws an unscheduled cheat day at you, put that shit to work in the gym if at all possible.

When you know you have a day coming up where you have to go off track, ease up on the calories a couple days before.

When you do have cheat meals or days, try to keep in mind not to go nuclear. You want to be able to make up for it then next day with a good workout and fewer calories, but that becomes impossible if you eat a gallon of ice cream and a whole cheesecake.

Calorie cycling works well for adding a level of enjoyment. Look into it.