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Big Guns

ive been weightlifting for about 5 years, and mostly powerlifting. however, i consider myself having small arms (295 lbs. bodyweight, not too fat, 6’2", bench 415 raw, squt 650 wrapped) anyways… what do i need to do to get those gargantuan arms? mine are 18" after a workout, what exercises and reps should i do? thnaks

Just throw in a few sets of curls and tricep extensions (2-3 sets @ 8-12 reps per set) after an upper body workout. Which curls and extensions? Whichever you want. If you’re still not seeing progress and want arm size to be the priority, do your arm stuff first in the workout.

Work on a lot of close-grips and lockouts for your arms. Your bench will go up AND you arms measurements too.

Big guns? I usually use a .270 but it also depends on what kind of game you are shooting. If you were going after anything bigger than Elk then you would want at least a 30 caliber. If it were dangerous game then probably move up to 40 or maybe 50 caliber, depending on how much penetration you need.

and in the words of Veronica Cornigstone “stop calling them guns”

This should do it-buy this excellent DVD from Ironmind.com

I heard somewhere that if you take a week off and just eat and sleep, you’ll be visited by the gunz ferry with 1/2" to 1" of new muscle!