Big(ger) Strong(er) and Lean(er)

I’m back. Really aiming for the most improved portion of the contest. An update and backstory of where I’ve been since the last one. Below, the top two are my before and after pics for the 2019 contest. The second two photos were my continuation of it as I got away from lifting and headstrong back into grappling. Bottom set of photos were late june and early October fresh off a weight cut(not a water cut) for a BJJ competition where I weighed around 168 compared to 195 in the first photo.

IMG_4658 (1)

I have been doing barely any lifting since may, train about 5 hours a week on average grappling. Plan will be in Jan to get back into a balance of lifting and grappling. As far as goals, get a little bigger, a little stronger and a little leaner by June.

For anyone hesitant about doing the contest this year for any reason, just do it. For me the biggest benefit was not the Jan-June change, but seeing how I will be from June 2019-2020.

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Today’s open mat for BJJ( I use the wrestling tag for the whoop as it’s the closest).

So I got real sick after New Years, haven’t done anything since. Finally snuck in a BJJ session this morning at 6:30 and planning on lifting my first weight of 2020 tomorrow.

Was 164.0 this morning, lightest I have been since maybe 19 years old(33 now). Appetite is finally back so here we go.

Link to my official before photo. Feel like I’ve gone backwards from this damned sickness but time to get to work