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big fat powerlifter guy!

why have i become a big fat powerlifter guy? i don’t compete in powerlifting however i have found it to be an indispensible tool for helping me improve my martial arts training. the only problem is that everytime i use a powerlifting program, (i have tried both ed coan and the westside programs) i become this high calorie, junk food eating machine. I have no desire to eat vegetables, and prefer to eat lots of fatty meats and tons of carbs, i actually crave them like some kinda crack addict. if i don’t have my crap, i actually see my weights go down in the gym despite the fact that the crap food makes me big, fat and bloated, i feel stronger despite the fact that i also feel very unhealthy. the ironic thing is that when i do complete cycles of GPP work, or bodybuilding or layoff periods, i actually crave lean proteins and vegetables. i find no problem staying with my berardi type diet. what the heck is going on.

Mike, I don’t know if there’s a physiological explanation. It’s probably more psychology than it is physiology. It boils down to priorities, discipline and goals. If you competed in PL’ing and knew that by going into a lower weight class that you’d beat the pants off of everyone (or shirts, as the case may be), your competitive, goal-oriented nature might kick into gear in a body-comp kinda way.

ONCE AGAIN TAMPA TERRY-you have hit the nail on the head, i need to compete for something…what the hell do i compete for?

…what the hell do I compete for?

LOL! That’s the hard part, Mike. We all have different “buttons.” Some of us are driven by performance-driven/athletic goals. For others, its a look; i.e., body comp.

From your message, I’d bet you have body comp and performance (PL) goals, both. Pick one and make the other goal(s) secondary. Though I do believe you can diet down and preserve (or add to) strength if body comp were Goal #1.


Some people work better when they have a goal. Set yourself one.

So you like PL?? See if there’s a meet in your neighbourhood and train for that or post a few pics here and promise you will post a new pic every week so everybody can see you getting leaner.

Talk about pressure:-)