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Big Enough to Scare Little Girls


You know you're big when you scare little girls to the point of crying. Here Jay Cutler accomplished that feat. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBTJBhxa6zc&feature=related


Little girls cry, big girls scream.


Lol I feel bad for jay.


An oldie but a goodie ... it's been posted before but it's still hilarious ... but that's gotta suck in a way for Jay


That's strange. I think there is just something wrong with that little girl. Most kids I've seen seem to go crazy over big muscles. It's the adults that act like they are afraid.


Yeah, getting paid a lot of money to do what you love must totally suck ass.


Actually they don't get paid THAT much. Lee Priest always complains the pay sucks ass. Also, i was unaware this video has been posted here before


I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to look like He-man


Most don't get paid that much. Jay, with his endorsement deals, magazine contract and 2 Mr. Olympia trophies is doing pretty damn well.


They get paid from sponsors and guest posings. Contests on the high end pay as well, but you really have to be a pro and break the top three to be able to live off of that.


Yeah thats probably right


Most of us did. I don't know, I just know that most kids don't act like that from what I've seen....and I've hung around some guys damn near as big as Jay and seen them shopping and how people respond. They'll stare and point, but I have yet to see them bust out crying for no reason.

Maybe his chin is what did it.


I remember when I was younger, I was told I looked like He-man


True story.


Yeah...we know. You apparently looked as developed as Lee Labrada at age 13....yet for some strange reason, getting a picture of you now is quite difficult and your profile lists you at only 175lbs at 6'1".


LOL compared to what? Jay Cutler has a Mercedes, not sure the make but it's a coupe convertable. His house is huge

Ronnie Coleman has a BENTLEY, an Escalade and fuck knows what else.

if you win, you make money. you get money from shows, you get money from product endorsements, you get money from going on interviews, talk shows, whatever.

i dont think there's anyone with a BSN contract who ISNT making bank.


Lol, I think that was someone else. Orion, I think.



My bad. They all start with "O". Who has time to notice the ENTIRE name?


I think his prepubescent voice did it.


I think they were speaking generally. For every Ronnie Coleman making decent money, there are a few thousand guys who can barely afford to eat enough to even be that big in the first place.