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Big Enough? Then What?

I’m hoping some of you are in the same boat as I am. I will be 52 this year and like so many of you, I recomped a few years back and like where I am at about 185-190 at 5’11 at about 15% bodyfat. My wife likes the way I look and thinks lower bodyfat makes me look “gaunt”. I am a solid 4 pack.

I am a college lacrosse official and have arthritis, a torn meniscus, etc. and whenever my weight starts to get over the 190 mark, I can really start to feel it. Like most of you, I am trying to stay young and mobile as long as I can.

So…my problem is that without the extra carbs, calories, etc., I have pretty much plateaued. I still love to work out but was curious to see how other had mitigated the “I am fine where I am” spot and continued to stay health and strong.

Thanks for the input…

There are so many ways to exercise, you can always find a new way to keep yourself motivated and pushing yourself, as long as you remember the basic principles. I’m about to start my next work out cycle with a focus on my back.

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