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Big Energy Problem


I have had energy problems for years and I dont know why. Currently I get atleast nine hours of sleep. I eat six small meals a day. I take BCAA good vitamins, protein drinks and work out.

So any idea why I am tired all the time? I just feel lazy and worn out and it sux.




Lol I pounded some coffee today and I take vitamin B complex daily.


add ephedra


It is not that it is something lacking in my body and it has been going on for years.


Thyroid maybe. Or depression. I'd talk to a doctor about it.


Had my thyroid tested and it came up negative but I found out tests came back neg but still be positive.

Depression for sure. I just started Zoloft a montha go but still tired.


One of the physical symptoms of depression is chronic fatigue. Some of the chemical imbalances that cause depression also cause people to spend too much time in REM sleep and not enough time in deep sleep, which then leads to an increase in stress hormones. Do some research about the physical effects of depression (if you haven't already.) There are treatment options available above and beyond zoloft.

I know I'm being real general, but my experiance with depression is limited to my own experiance and I'm in no way qualified to give you specific advice.


I've been going through this for about 16 months. Doctor's initially thought depression too but every single SSRI I have used does nothing, and they now admit I am probably not depressed.

I then thought it was adrenal fatigue after reading that article here. So I laid off heavy lifting for a few months. Didn't help at all.

From what I've been reading now, it looks like I have a mild, but still very disabling form of narcolepsy. Sleep study is scheduled but it will be a while. In the mean time I have started taking modafinil, which helps quite a bit.


I'd say eat more. I was feeling like that for a while and didn't even realize that it was the food.



I know that I am depressed but even on good days I am tired.


Rather than an SSRI, try something like welbutrin. It boosts norepinephrine and dopamine levels rather than seratonin and gives you more energy as a result.

Check your sleep quality. You may be getting poor quality sleep and not even be aware of it. Talk to a doctor about it.

Check for allergies and food intolerances. The test for the former is an easy trip or two to the doctor while the latter requires some experimentation with elimination diets.


A friend of mine was suffering from a constant lack of energy / fatigue. He trains hard, eats well and frequently.

He recently had some blood work done and the results showed he most likely has Coeliac Disease.

The constant fatigue was his only notable symptom.

It maybe worth exploring?