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Big Eating, Big Growth


What would be the best article for me to read up on for tips about bulking meals and calorie intake any other information about eating to gain weight?

I start college Monday so it will get tough to eat as much, and then in a couple more weeks we start baseball.


A single article? Tough to say...

I would read on the works on Shelby Starnes and John Berardi on this website. Article SERIES like "Massive Eating" and "Appetite for Construction" will give you a good place to start from


Use the search function for an exact plan to follow.


College should be a great time to eat a TON. Most places have unlimited eating dining halls and a lot of schools offer an unlimited eating plan for just a bit more than the others. Invest in an all you can eat plan, tupperware, and a small fridge-use the school food as a supply for your dorm room as leftovers. Honestly, most places don't watch you too closely, and as far as morals go, I always figured I had a right to the food since I had unlimited swipes-it was simply a matter of location of eating it that had changed.

Nuts are a great food to keep in your dorm room as well-they won't rot, are delicious, are nutritious, and full of calories.

I play football and definitely know how hard it can be to keep weight up while in season-just eat, eat, eat.

Also, don't worry about eating breakfast/lunch alone if need be-if you're going to the dining hall 5x a day, you won't necessarily have somebody to go with you each time. Better to read a good book than not eat IMO.