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Big Eaters: How's Your Chewing?


I figure for those BIG eaters, your mouth may be more tired than your body sometimes. How much chewing do you guys actually do before you cannot stand it and swallow? Very interested in how people respond here.

Post a little about how much you eat too.

this vid got me thinking about it: go to 1:40


At six meals and at least three snacks a day I never really have chewing issues. It's more that I just get sick of cooking and crapping all the time and decide being big isn't worth spending three hours a day in the kitchen and in the bathroom.


so you go 'thoroughly' through? i've always enjoyed food so i get right at it, chewing lazily and quickly and then swallowing. thought it would be more common in bigger guys


are you seriously analyzing chewing strategies? Just eat the damn food...

granted I dont put away nearly that much food per week. If chewing is a problem, then make a shake.


When I eat for function (not for pleasure) I just drink my food. Today's lunch shake: lentils, fish, 2 raw onions, spices, salt (actually it tastes decent). I mix everything thoroughly and drink it.

BTW, raw onion mixed with protein loses its pungency and is quite mild.


I have more problem with lack of saliva. Obviously more water does the trick.

Chewing gum might help.