Big Dogs Live Stream


Only in Australia would they start a meet at 8pm. What a backwards place.

Nah, starts at 11 am :rofl::rofl:


What does the stream cost $$

Pretty sure it’s free, donations voluntary but welcome

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What’s the deal with Wild Cats, I see it’s not female SHWs.

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Female middle weights. Maybe they are strongest pound for pound !! Mark will know


They’re generally stronger than the female SHWs. Basically the best female powerlifters (on average) in Australia are in the 60 to 80 kilo bodyweight bracket. That range holds the most competitive classes.

Markos and Emad are all about promoting the biggest totallers. For dudes, most of them are SHWs, but Big Dogs has always been open to anyone with a big enough total as far as I know. That’s why Belkin is there, he simply put his hand up.

For the women, the biggest totals bar one or two seem to come from the middleweights, at least in Aus. Because Wildcats is the first women’s iteration in Big Dogs I think the idea is to see how it works out so it’s just Aussie girls as far as I know. I know they lost their main sponsor late in the piece and a bunch of people jumped in to make sure the prize money would still be there. From what Markos has been saying if Wildcats goes well this time, it’ll become a fixture with bigger prize purses, and I would guess international lifters being chased.

I think the other thing going against female SHWs is that you’ve got a few ladies putting up big totals, then the rest in that class isn’t doing any better than the lighter ones. So there’s very little competition. For example, Della Tuimatai is one of the best SHWs in Australia right now: GPC champion, Pro Raw podium, etc. Except her total is around 600 kilos. That’s within 10 to 20 kilos of a much larger number of middleweights, who are all squatting well over 200 kilos (quite a few in the 250 region, like Della), benching between 70 and 100 or so and deadlifting well over 200 as well. So if you went with a female Big Dogs you’d be lucky to have five lifters close enough to each other to have decent competition and then the rest of the field lagging way behind. Doesn’t make for compelling viewing and goes against the Pro Raw ethos of the best competing against the best in a neck and neck competiton. So they pick the middleweights, where pretty much every single lifter has a good chance to win; and where every lifter is also good enough that they would have a very good shot at beating the top lifters in any other weight class as well.

On a complete tangent, it’s just interesting to me looking at it. Bigger dude generally means bigger total, outliers excepted. Bigger dude means more muscle overall, even if it’s covered by generous chub. The same seems to absolutely not apply to females. The females carrying the most muscle are the middleweights. It isn’t that they’re the strongest females pound for pound (although they are); they are the strongest females full stop. The ones at Wildcats would do reasonably well at a local or even state level against males of equivalent weight, with only bench letting them down, totalling well over 500 kilos.

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So it looks like Wildcats just finished their squats and top three is looking something like 245/240/230, and I think that covers five or six lifters.

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I don’t understand how some of these guys choose attempts, Yury opened with a PR which looked like just about all he has and Odell Manuel dumped his. A few girls failed their openers too. In a meet like this, why take such risky openers?


I saw this too.

With the girls, I see various possibilities. First up, nerves and last minute opener changes to secure an early advantage in a very close field. A lot of that is coach error where a coach is involved. For some, lack of experience as well (which coach error covers too). Then there’s some ego lifting, getting too emotionally involved and/or having peaked poorly (more coach error).

With Yuri, I suspect he may have decided to open high enough to make a decent sub total with the option of maybe passing his third and giving him a little leeway to push his second. Could also he nerves, because this may be the first time he’s coming in as the underdog.

For Odell, I suspect he’s hurt and knew he was pushing it doing this meet so he figures fuck it, I’ll open as high as I possibly can because I’m nowhere near certain I’ve got more than one squat in me.

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Odell just made a mockery of my comments. Yuri seems to have confirmed them. After two rounds I think Gawain is in front at 455, Odell has 440 and then there are a couple of 425s.

I thought Yury was going to die with 455. It’s crazy to even imagine a guy his size lifting that. My guess is he passes on his 3rd, but who knows.

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Yea his opener looked ok, not terribly fast. But a 35kg jump? No way

What’s with the announcer? “Fortunately a missed lift”? 2nd time he said that.

Not sure, Tim is a very experienced MC.

Yuri has a set on him, but brains too. Tried to get that 455 down but thought better of it.


Yury could still win this. He’s not that far behind on bench, and way ahead on deadlift. It’s amazing that he’s even close to the same level as guys weighing around 400lbs.

What happened with Hellriegel? I thought he was going to squat 500kg, did he injure himself on his 2nd attempt? His opener looked a bit slow compared to some of his recent training lifts.

I’m guessing he got hurt. He’s young, he’s come out of nowhere. That’s a hell of a lot to put your body through quickly.

I’ve always said Yuri is in with a decent shot.

Then there’s Odell. He’s got 470 now, and his bench isn’t bad at all.

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I just looked on Open Powerlifting, Manuel’s best total is 2458 vs. Yury with 2350, it could go either way but Manuel looks to be the most likely winner. Of course we don’t know what Graham Hicks is capable of, so my guess is those three on the podium. Gawain Johnstone has a big squat but his bench and deadlift aren’t up to par.

Yury needs big PRs on bench and deadlift to win.

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I think hellriegal was sick or something according to the announcer