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Big Dogs 4 New World Order

Just building some hype for this comp coming up towards the end of the year. 4th iteration of this comp run by ProRaw in Australia, big prize money, no weight classes, biggest total wins. This year they are running a women’s equivalent too.

I might go see this one in person and will be excited to see Yury Belkin especially. Graham Hicks is a bit of an unknown coming from strongman. He has a massive bench and deadlift.

There’s a bunch of other big lifters and a couple who are close or capable of breaking the ATWR raw total 1140kg (a bit over 2500 lbs) set by Malanichev at a previous a Big Dogs comp.

Dylan Hellriegel is close. If not this time around he’ll get it sooner or later. He is pretty young

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Malanichev is not competing?

It’s kind of strange to see Belkin’s name on that list seeing as the other guys all weigh 100+lbs more than him. But his PR total is only 49kg away from the top guy, which is even more crazy. He must be some kind of cyborg or something, it just doesn’t make sense.


I really, really hope he just starts gaining weight from now till the comp. Imagine him walking around at 260+ lbs…

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Plenty of big names not there like Petr Petras and Lilliebridge but still a lot of time to get more people in.

It’s been a long time since Malanichev has put together a decent total by his standards. Injuries and age finally catching him. Even if he did rock up he might not even podium.

The bloatiest guy around lol. Would probably push his squat and bench up but might fuck his deadlift

Yeah, he would squat 1000.

That’s true, looks like he is past his prime and other people are catching up. I know he tore a quad fairly recently, at the Tribute his squat was well below expectations.

I had the exact same conversation with my friend yesterday about Belkin being the biggest freak ever and competing at big dogs

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From what I’ve seen Malan is taking it relatively easy and living the life travelling all over the place and promoting powerlifting. I think he deserves the good times. I dunno if many powerlifter ever officially retire but he’s gonna down as one of the greats of the modern era already so no worries

Hellreigel is probably gonna take the total record sooner or later. It was like with Julius mAddox taking down the bench record only a matter of time. Most recent comp was March 1105kg total (improvement of ~40kg from last meet that was October last year)


Pavlo pulling 400 in training on a stiff bar. He went 1015kg by way of 380/245/385kg as a junior in the IPF and looked to smash this just by adding in wraps and a deadlift bar but he has gotten a lot stronger overall.

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You thinking of going down there for a look on the day piggy ?

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I’d be keen. Think it’s not in Frankston this year. Melbourne city iirc

The size of this lad


Polar bear who identifies as a power lifter. Don’t think he should be allowed to compete though unless they start an animal division

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Sounds transspeciesphobic to me.

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I hope that guy never fails a rep in training because there is no way those short guys are going to be able to rack the bar. For the back spotter it’s like an overhead press.

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That’s what BD is

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More Pavlo because why not:

420kg Squat - 250kg ish Bench - Probably 400+ Deadlift

Puts him well over 1050kg / 2300+


The bloatiest guy around lol. Would probably push his squat and bench up but might fuck his deadlift x

I dunno deadlifting 400kg on a stiff bar seems like it would be good enough to hang with the best deadlifters at big dogs.

I kind of wish people would stop saying that, it’s true that a lot of people pull more on a deadlift bar but not everybody does. My DL went down by 25-30lb when I first started using a DL bar, first session I failed 5-10lbs more than what I pulled easily on a stiff bar the week before. Dylan Polo, who is the top 242 class lifter in Canada, pulls around 800 and he says he’s actually stronger on a stiff bar. It’s hard to say why, it could be the whip throwing people off, some people pull less from low blocks/rack so a couple inches shorter ROM isn’t necessarily an advantage to everyone. But the fact remains that you can’t count on a deadlift bar to increase your deadlift, it could be the complete opposite.