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BIG Diet Critique

Hey guys, I know this might look like a spreadsheet, but I need some critique on my diet. The calories are astronomical (unless i’m miscalculating) but I’m not forcing it down nor do I feel like i’m gaining alot of weight (5’11" 187 right now). I’m often hungry between 1 and 4. I’ve just started 12 weeks to Maximal Size.

Here goes:

7am : 2 scoops Classic Grow!+500mL fat free milk

8am-9am : Workout

During Workout : 1 scoop Surge+1L Water

After Workout : 1 scoop Surge + 1L Water

11am : Chanko meal
Megaman Multivitamin

12:45pm : 2 scoops Classic Grow! + 500mL fat free milk

4:45 : Regular Dinner

8pm : Chanko Meal

11:30pm : 2 scoops Classic Grow! + 500mL fat free milk

CHANKO (per meal)
Carbs : Corn 35g
Tuna 0g
Rice 280g
Total : 315g

Protein : Corn 5g
Tuna 37.5g
Rice 24g
Total : 66.5g

Fat : Corn 0g
Tuna 2.5g
Rice 0g
Total : 2.5g

SURGE (per 2 scoops)

Carbs : 49g
Protein : 25g
Fat : 1.055g

Grow Shake (per 2 scoops + 500mL milk)

Carbs : 16g + 25g = 41g
Protein : 27g + 16.7 = 43.7
Fat : 3.5g + 0g = 3.5g


Carbs : 2 x 315 + 49 + 3 x 41 = 802g
Protein : 2 x 66.5 + 25 + 3 x 43.7 = 289.1g
Fat : 2 x 2.5 + 1.055 + 3 x 3.5 = 28.11g

Total Calories
Chanko : 150 + 560 + 1280 = 1990 x 2meals = 3980
Surge : 350
Grow : 200 x 3 = 600
Dinner : ?

Total : 4930 + Dinner

although its a crazy amount if calories, i never feel full and am still hungry in the early afternoon


Hunger doesn’t necessarily indicate not consuming enough calories, especially when you’re using rice and corn.

If you put in lots of oatmeal, and servings of beans, you’d probably feel more full.

And I’d ditch the milk for something else, in favor of MCT oil maybe.

thanks for responding guys. Yea, chanko isnt filling to me at all. I usually pig out at dinner time (4:45) and after that i feel full and usually that last chanko meal is tough. But the first half of the day, i feel like I have an empty stomach. I’ve always been a big eater in the passt and I know it sounds funny but I loved to overeat. Maybe I just haven’t with this new diet, which mostly consists of smaller more speaced out meals? My main concern is not being hungry, as this isnt good for a lifter, but I’m really not sure I’m hungry or my stomache is just not full???


i dont see the facination with ff milk. 1st of all if i was bulking my breakfast would be huge, 2 scoops of whey and some milk is childs play. stick to whole food except during and post workout. the real food will fill you up a lot more and offer much more nutrition. looks to me like you could use a little more variety, and more essential fats.

P-dog what do you suggest for breakfast?
And how I can I apply what you said yet still keep chanko?

and are you saying I should be drinking whole milk?

yea im realzing that i need something besides just a shake in the early morning. any ideas?

First off, I’d suggest eating your post-workout meal 45-60 minutes after your surge. Not two hours like your doing.

Second, If you want to get more of a full feeling there are a few things you can do. You did not specify whether or not you are using white or brown rice, but in the event that you are using white rice you could switch to brown. Brown rice has a higher glycemic index, which will make you more full. Also, more real meals will definately make you more full while helping you get to the calorie mark you want as well. Maybe you could throw in some low-fat cottage cheese in those chanko meals … cheap source of protein.

Third, I think your breakfast would be a great place to add a real meal such as some eggs and oatmeal/wheat toast. Again, both wheat toast and oatmeal have a higher glycemic index which should make you more full. If you find that you are gaining too much bodyfat with this, then lay off the high glycemic foods, but from the sound of it you are not too carb sensitive.

Lastly, if nothing I said works … just keep eating. You’d be amazed at how much good food you can eat before you start to gain bad weight.

Uh, how about flaxseed toast with natural peanut butter. A big helping of oatmeal (I like to add a egg or two to my oatmeal - creates a “oatmeal soufle” of sorts). Omelette.

You can add to your shake the following: peanut butter, cottage cheese and flaxseeds (for another option to up the calories).

Patricia and Josh,

Thanks alot. I’m going to do just that. As far as carb sensitivty, I have been gaining some fat on this diet, pretty steadily. I think I’m around 188-190 now (doubt that i’ve gained a whole lot of muscle). I’m not so much concerned about how much fat I gain, I just want to make sure I’m eating enough to get mass.

Oh and, any particular brands/variations of oatmeal that you can recommend?

And Patricia, I don’t know if should up the caloric intake any more. the rice is extemely caloric- the bulk of my calorie total come from it (is this OK?).
And with dinner, I’m well over 5,000 calories. Isnt this high enough?

Just buy the oatmeal in bulk, basically anything that isn’t prepackaged and flavored. That stuff is shit.

i dont know dick about chanko. i would recommend massive eating.

Josh: how/where can I get bulk oatmeal?

Best breakfast ive ever found for lean tissue gain is 3/4 cup of oats, 4-6 egg whites and 5 oz lean beef or chicken in a can.

You are eating way too much powdered meals. You need more chicken, beef and eggs. Eggs are cheap and highest in amino acid profile. The fact you eat none is not very good.


I’m glad you’re trying to really make do here with your diet; as evident in your own participation in your own thread. Kudos.

We have a few grocery strores in our area that have a “bulk foods” section where we can get bulk oatmeal. This section will become your best friend. I suggest you find a “bulk foods” section and cozy up.

As for rice. Is it brown or white rice you’re eating? I would turn to brown. More nutrients than white.

You could just buy a big tub of quaker, but I prefer to just fill up a bag in the bulk foods section of my local grocier to save a few dollars.