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Big Deal About CrossFit?


Im probably going to get shot for this by some members, Buts whats the big deal about cross fit?? I come from an athletic background and all this seems to be is pretty much just that high performance athletic training but for the public.

The way i see it, someone has just taken all types of fitness training (strongman, olympic lifting and endurance conditioning) put it into a circuit or some sort of periodised plan and called it CROSS FIT.

What's your opinion.

PS: before someone says anything. I have done about a 6 week crossfit bootcamp, so i do give respect to the people who do it.


yep it deserves respect, but yeh also agree with you


a hundred years ago, they called this circut training..

pick a few exercises and do them fast..

great marketing, to get the name crossfit established, but its all circut training..


I agree. Pretty much anyone can create their own circuit training routine, especially if they have an athletics background.


Your right nothing special. Nothing original.

If you enjoy it more power to you. Unfortunately general population does not have much knowledge in this field. So now any thing that once was circuit training now gets called CrossFit.

CrossFit is a trademark nothing else.

Nothing against it, one of my close friends has run a CrossFit gym for years. But before the term came along it was called cross training, circuit training, complexes, or my favorite exercise.

If anything it helps determine a person's knowledge base. If I'm discussing circuit training or complexes with some one and they automatically respond to it as being "CrossFit training." I know to smile and nod, and just let it go.

So it's not good or bad, it's just an exercise franchise.


Yes, same here my boss is a Die hard Cross fit person. She swears by it and says its completely different to Circuit training.

I might just take Powerlfiting and Bodybuilding and Call it Power Building . Judge the athlete based on strength performance and aesthetics. :smiley:



Believe it or not, that's not too far off from the way it used to be.

Way back in the day it was done as a combination. Men would complete feats of strength, then pose their pumped up muscles I kid you not.

Hence why the Olympia trophy was called the Sandow. Sandow would do his strongman lifts then after doing this he would do his "muscle display performances"

hmmm, business opportunity maybe :wink:


It's for women. It gives women nice asses. That's it.


oh look, this thread again


Crossfit always gets discussed to death, and while I'm neither a fan, nor a not-fan (whatever you'd call that), I will note that while the women who engage in this style of training usually end up looking amazing, I've never seen a guy sporting 'respectable' levels of muscle mass from it.



More like take pieces of each, write them on pieces of paper, throw it all in a hat, pick them out at random, then say doing that will produce a 700lb deadlift, competitive 5k+ run times, and an "elite" athlete.

Not to mention attracting people stupid enough to do the above, he's actually a coach and his wife won or placed top 3 in one of the earlier games.


Crossfit... Forging elite athletes?


More like forging dipshits. Who should be thrown back in the forge.


OP, here is the link to a post here on T-Nation.


it gives women fabulous arses.


Annie Sakamoto gives me hard-on


I do it 2-3 days per week because it makes me do cardio.


All I see is a skinny guy on a tire lifting a weight a 8 year old chinese could lift..


I do wish my gym had some of their equipment. I have seen a crossfit gym in my town that does the traditional crossfit program, but they also have a seperate Oly program. The only problem.. $300 a month membership.
I wouldn't mind doing some crossfit exercises in the spring/fall outside as a change of pace program.
My problem with crossfit is its randomness, PICK A GOAL!! how can you run a 5 or 10k for time one day, then max deadlift or squat, the next day. Its a jack of all trades, master of none training.
I read somewhere that 80% of people who start crossfit quit in 1 year, probably because the intensity is so high. I change my training up every 3-4 months to work on a new goal whether it is conditioning, fat loss, Power, strength, strongman training etc.
Crossfit tries to do everything all the time, if they periodized the training and focused on goals ie do oly lifts/ plyometrics in fall, powerlifts winter, and conditioning/ and bodyweight exercises or strongman training in the spring /summer.


P.S. that guy in the pic should be charged with child endangerment and his kid taken away by human services, what a dumbass!! Good way to get your child killed or permanently disabled dipshit! What an A- hole!