Big Day Out 09

Any of you Aust/NZ t-people going? I am psyched! I haven’t been to one in nearly a decade. I’m going to the Auckland one on Friday.

I meant to go last time, but I ended up getting too stoned to go.

Maybe I should go.

went last year and had an amazing experience the line up this year doesn’t really interest me, I was going to go to good vibes till the roots pulled out.

Silverchair isn’t even playing this year, from what I can see.

I’d love to go to at least one, one day.

enjoy it you lucky bastard, i saw the prodigy in perth 2005, (not at the big day out though), and will never forget 10,000 people wacked off their heads dancing while they bought out the classics.

The rest of the line up im not too fussed over, i mean does any one aside from tweens wanna see the ting tings.