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Big Day at the Wedge (Big Wave Video)


Was out this day...finally found it!


shit is epic dude.


Awesome. Didn't a guy get killed at the Wedge that day?


Monte Valantin



Go forth with thou big balls!


ah i live about 15 min away from there and saw that video a few days ago.

the wedge is insane. absolutely insane.


I had bodysurfed the wedge back in 1987, I was on a stopover on the way to Hawaii and was there for the Huntington Beach Surf Classic. I couldn't believe the size of the waves that day and opted on some of the less suicidal ones.

From the video, that has to be the sickest place to boogie board. I took up boogie boarding on the east coast here in 1996 or so, never got hurt so bad in one boarding season as I did in many more years of bodysurfing.

Thanks,for the clip.



T-Nation surf forum? I will start posting some of the sickest clips i can find and start a cool thread.

I have always thought surfing deserved a better look from physical fitness hunters. Although am not sure a 300 BB would float!