Big Dave Tate is Coming!

Thud. (water ripples in glass)
Thud! (water ripples even more)
Thud!! (water splashes out of glass)
Thud!!! (screams as dinosaurs attack!)

Remember that scene in Jurassic Park? Well, watch those water glasses because T-Nation’s version of the T-Rex is coming to the Guest Forum!

Westside’s Dave Tate will take over the Guest spot this Friday evening! He’ll field all your good questions and track you down and eat you if you ask stupid ones. Stay tuned…

One word … Dave Tate RULEZ!!! He is among the few peoples in this business that I really admire and look up to. This is fantastic news.

I always read Dave’s articles with great interest and the always helped me lift more, but when CT gets this excited about a guest forum, you KNOW he’s the bomb.

And yet another master stroke brought to you by T-Mag!

The MAN the MYTH the LEGEND will be in the house on friday, guess i will have to cancel all of my other plans…can’t wait till friday


Looking forward to learning…

Thanks for arranging this T-Mag!!!

I thank you… my clients thank you.

Lil’ Coach H

This won’t be too cool :slight_smile:
Get ready to rock!

Should be a great learning opportunity for all of us.


I feel bad for him. With all the interest in Westside recently, he’s gonna get totally bombarded with Q’s. Hopefully it’ll be better than when Alessi was a guest; he sucked.

If he can pull it off, we should all pitch in and send him and his family a side of beef and three pigs to slaughter.

Isn’t that three words, CT? :),

WESTSIIIIYIDE! throws gang sign

haha i kind of feel the same way, he’s gonna be bombarded.

but still, that’s awesome

Maybe to help things out different threads should be posted concerning deads, squats, bench, etc?

But then again, what the heck do I know

I’m going to ask him how to tone my abs. Then I’m going to run and hide.

Davo, I was thinking the same…

Though I want to figure out how to do a max effort day for a bicep curl.

Please people read his articles, but at least the 8 keys before asking him questions. Hes a wealth of information that we can’t bother wasting.