Big Daddi Training Log

Tri-set x 4 sets side laterals, rear laterals, front raise
Superset x 4 sets db ohp + band pull apart
Curls x 3 sets
Reverse grip.curls x 3 sets
Kickback x 3 sets
Overhead extention x 3 sets

Just a little shoulder and arm pump. Gonna try to get some tire work in later.

Its been a while since i posted here so here goes:

Work is still steady and we are in a mad rush to get our jobs done before stucco season finishes. We have had some extra stress due to dental issues my son is having, requiring surgery coming up in october, and we have to go to the big city for it which is 3 hours away.

Im not currently following a dedicated program, just doing what i can when i can. Still getting in multiple sessions a week, some mini feeder workouts too. While i may not be following something specific, i do have certain principals in mind.

  1. Do something for strength and/or performance
  2. Focus on big compound movements - pullup variations, dips, ohp, strongman stuff ect…
  3. Some isolation and pump work, mostly for weak body parts and try to do a hard stretch on them after if i can. This mostly applies to the feeders.

Im just keeping it simple and straight forward. With diet, im not measuring anything but i am eating mostly bro food.

Theres the update. Heres the feeder for this evening:
Resistance band chest press 4x12
Resistance band flys 4x12
Db Hammer curls 4x12
Db Regular curls 4x12

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So here we go again…quite a while since i posted last. My training has consisted of a lot feeder workouts lately. Pick a body part or two and get a pump in 20 min or so. Inspired partly by Jujimufu and necessary due to current circumstances. When i do get more normal workouts in its based around strongman and basic lifts like chinups and dips, ohp and so on. Also like juji, i started working on flexibility, which has taken away the hip and lower back pain I’d been battling for over a year. And yes i bought his book.

Todays session : leg feeder and some flexability

Stability ball leg curls 3x10
Bss 3x8
Rdl 3x10

Flexability training 2 sets of dynamic stuff and 2 sets of side split work (no i camt do a full side split but im slowly getting closer)


Dips x 5 sets first 2 sets to failure
Pushups x 3 sets to failure
Kb ohp x 2 sets
Lateral raise x 2 sets
Db curl x 1 set to failure
Dynamic flexibility training

Post workout meal 1.5 cups cottage cheese and a glass of apple juice.

I managed to get two mini workouts in today along with shoveling a crap ton of snow yesterday and today.

Workout 1
Resistance band “leg press”
Weighted step ups
Bw calf raise
These 3 were done in a tri-set for sets of 20. i saw something on jujimufus channel where they were trying to replicate the feel of a leg press using a banded trap bar. I dont have a trap bar but i do have bands and was able to replicate something like they did. Felt good…burned lots

Finished with 3 x 10 sissy squats

Workout 2
Pullups x 5 sets of 5
Banded rows x 2 seth sets
Straight arm pulldown ss with face pull x 3 sets of 10
A seth set is something that ifbb pro seth feroce uses. Get as many reps as you can with your heavier weight, for example 10, and then half the weight and twice the reps so that would be half for 20 reps for example.

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Glad to see you still going at it man, looks like good work!

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Thanks man, appreciate it

Nov 14
5 x 20 pushups
5 sets pullups final 2 sets to failure
Flys x 3 x 12
Rows x 3 x 12
Facepulls 2 x 10
Curls 2 x 10

Nov 15
5 db c&p 5 db snatch 5 ohp x 4 rounds

Nov 23
So…i got a new piece of gym equipment…its not hard core, and some folks would probably think its lame, but i got a great workout out of it tonight. So i picked up one of those Total Gym machines that Chuck Norris endorses…for 22 bucks on an online auction and there’s nothing wrong with it. Around here, gym equipment has been hard to come by so I have been doing what i can with what i have. I saw it, remembered the infomercials, did a little research on it and figured why not. I could get it cheap and even if it wasnt great it was something more to train with. And with tons of movements available on these things, 22 bucks was giving me a lot ultimately. The way i view it, it very much can mimic and/or replace cable and machine exercises for the home gym goer. It does seem to involve the abs too which is nice. With the incline maxed out, i actually found some exercises to be challenging on the strength side of things, but with being able to change the resistance i got a nice pump. Its not something that will get you a big bench, but you can do a lot of accessory work with it and get a nice pump out of it too.

So…on to the workout
T.g. Chest press 5 x 10-12
T.g. Chest fly 4 x 10-12
Push-ups 2 sets to failure
T.g. Face pull 3 x 10-12
Db side raise 3 x 10
Db front raise 2 x 10
T.g. tricep kickback 3 x 10
T.g. tricep ext ss with tricep press 3 x failure

*For this log now, t.g. will refer to total gym.

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So just as an update from last night…i came across a guy on YouTube that has all kinds of total gym stuff on there. The stuff he shows on there for example is “hacks” to increase the resistance even by quite a bit, as well as full workouts. Yesterday i said that i viewed it as a way to replace cable and machine stuff, but this guy showed stuff in his videos that went way beyond what i had come up with. It almost seems that this total gym could give a lot more than most people realize. So that makes things much more exciting than they already were.


Funny how being in a tough situation makes you get creative isn’t it? Hell of a score for $22 too.

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Absolutely. I even ended up with what i am calling power blocks (5 gallon pails filled with cement…we made too much at work one day so i took some home…in other words i got paid to take “gym equipment”) that i can do a bunch of stuff with…farmers, suitcase carry, power stairs etc. Tough times do make you creative for sure

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When I was in college I put new tires on my car and kept the old ones. Used them to throw around for exercise and loved them. Also, when I was home and didn’t have access to a gym I did only bodyweight stuff. It was awesome - every lift went up when I got back to school and I was able to do 10 1-arm push ups and 10 pistols on each side. Felt healthy, too, which is underrated.

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Nice thats awesome man

So i had a bit of a medical day yesterday. I have had digestion and heart burn problems since I was a teenager, and over the last few years especially i have been trying to look into whats wrong. My new doc here wanted to look at my gallbladder first so i had an ultrasound for that yesterday. But i also had a toe surgery yesterday too. Removal of my toenail and the root. So, i guess for the next while i will be mostly doing upper body stuff and hamstring curls…cant put too much pressure into my toes just yet. Hoping to get a back and biceps workout in today

Back and biceps Nov 26

Pull ups 4 x 12
T.g. Lat pull down 4 x 12
T.g. Low row 2 x 20
T.g. High row 3 x 10
T.g. Pullover 2 x 10
T.g. Bicep curl 3 x 10
T.g. Reverse curl thumbless 2 x failure
T.g. Wrist curl thumbless 1 x failure

I was intermittently stretching my lats through the workout/exercises and trying to get a nice contraction on most reps. Nothing crazy, just simple work. Felt great, nice pump. The bicep and forearm stuff burned.

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Tough break there man, stay positive and keep doing what you can til you’re healed up.

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Will do, thanks.

So i have not been able to do much this week, work has been weird but i managed to get in a nice little upper body circuit this morning along with some dynamic stretching

Chest press
Russian twists

All for 10 reps on the total gym (except russian twists), moderate incline for 3 sets. It wasnt heavy, but it was heavy enough for what i was doing. Still got a nice burn and a nice little pump. Focused on getting good squeezes and stretches and a nice rom throughout the workout.

For dynamic stretching i did front kicks, rear kicks and side kicks as a tri set, also for 10 reps each for 2 sets. Then i just sat in a deep squat for a little bit.

As a result i feel pretty good this morning and hopefully i can get some heavier training in throughout whats left of this week.

Currently i want to work on a bit of a body recomposition. I have been wanting to train more like a bodybuilder for the past while, and having the total gym makes that much easier. I dont like the way i look but im not gonna chase a bulk/cut thing. Clean up my eating a little bit, train more like a bodybuilder and try to do some extra cardio where i can.

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You got the right idea man. What you’re planning to do is much more sustainable.

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