Big Daddi Training Log

So, I am in an interesting spot at this point in my life…which I will explain later. But to be short…I am in a spot where I have limited equipment to train with. For the most part, just my bodyweight, a resistance band and some light kbs that I will use as dbs for stuff like curls and lateral raises. I do have the possibility of accessing a tractor tire…but thats hard to say for now so im not counting it in yet. Aside from that, there is a $2 tuesday deal at the rec here, so i can hit a normal gym once a week and maybe even go swimming too if i felt like it.

So…as of right now, i dont have a set program, but im thinking higher frequency would fit well with my situation, and im thinking about doing pushups, situps and air squats on almost a daily basis. Of course i can add band pull aparts to that too to help keep my shoulders balanced. I also want to start running again considering this situation…theres plenty of hills and trails here to use.

So…if anyone has any other suggestions please drop them in…otherwise, i will be working on making a program out of this. But for todays workout…just quick and easy :

Pushups x 100
Air squats x 100
Band pull apart x 100
Crunches x 100

Well i guess i misunderstood the rec center deal…its on the first tuesday of the month that its $2. So we will see what happens…either way, this is whats on the docket for tonight

Diamond pushups 4 sets
Resistance band tricep extension 4 sets
Resistance band curl 3 sets
Kb curl 3 sets
Pike pushups 4 sets
Side raise 4 sets
Band pull apart 4 sets

So here is an update…i found a park nearby that actually has an outdoor gym type thing. Some of the stuff there is gimmicky and too light but theres pullup bars and dip bars, and stuff where i could make things like nordic ham curls and back extensions work as well. Plus hills…so hill sprints. Theres also a playground right there so i could do stuff on the monkey bars if i wanted to. So, im gonna start training there as of tomorrow hopefully.

Warm up :
Band pull apart x 2 sets
Side raise x 2 sets
Curls x 2 sets

Workout :
Pushups 5 x diamond 10 x med 15 x wide = 1set
4 sets total Dive bombers x 25 reps Total reps = 145 reps
Air squats 1-10-1 = 100 reps
Crunches x 3 sets
Pistol curl + overhead ext double drop set x 3 sets
Wrist curl 4 x 10
Side bend x 3 sets

I havent recorded the last few workouts, but I do have a life update that I wanted to share. As of yesterday, I have a job again. Good hours, good wage, lots of work coming up too. So, now my wife and I can start working on getting our own place as opposed to being with her sister for too much longer.


Quick conditioning today
30s pushups
30s air squats
30s situps
10 db thrusters
4 rounds

Lunges x 10/leg + db swings x 15 for 4 rounds

Breakfast this morning was small
Coffee, 3 eggs and toast

Also for another life update…we are looking at a rental today…life is getting back on track


Bicep blast : 30 sec regular curl, 30 sec hammer curl, 30 sec twist curl, 30 sec hold x 2 rounds
Delt blast : 30 sec side raise, 30 sec rear raise, 30 sec ohp x 2 rounds
10 swings + 10 snatches + 10 pushups x 4 rounds
2 rounds db man maker
2 rounds db row
3 sets forearm curls

*done with dumbbell

Fuck yeah man, first off nice job not letting your circumstances keep you from doing what you wanna do. That’s badass. And second, way to go get a job, I hope you guys are able to get your feet underneath you quickly. Keep logging here, I’m in :metal:

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Thanks man, I appreciate that a lot. Things are coming together slowly but surely. I don’t know if you saw my post in the bigger/stronger/leaner, and i have been meaning to post about it here too but I had lost my job, couldnt find anything, and so our land lord kicked us out (we still paid rent etc but with no job he didnt want us there anymore). We sold a bunch of stuff, including most of my home gym and we wound up moving in with my wifes sister 2 hours south of where we were. I got a job 3 weeks ago, and we have started looking at places to rent. Once we have one i will be posting about it here too.

But thanks again for following me man…i really appreciate it and it is honestly motivating too.

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Yeah man I saw that, that’s pretty uncouth on the part of your landlord for kicking you out despite you still paying rent. You seem willing enough to work hard so I’m sure we’ll see good things from you lifting-wise and I’m sure you’ll get day to day life back together quick. Good luck man!

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So I have a big job to go to today…an hour out of town. So I thought I would write what I would eat today during the day. I am not a bodybuilder…I like training more towards the powerlifting side of things or even just performance in general, which for the most part performance is still what I am going after even with my limited equipment situation. Now, I dont eat poorly…but at the same time I am a regular guy who has always been in construction and so, I gotta eat. What I can physically do in a day is what pays my bills. I have no idea what supper will be, but for now I will write what breakfast/lunch/snacks will be.

Breakfast (on the road) : 1 ham sandwich and a banana. Including the breads (incomplete protien) protien, the total protien here is 21g (per sandwich) and carbs with the banana is roughly 50g (30 for snadwich).

Lunch : 1 ham sandwich, piece of leftover lasagna, and 2 pudding cups. Obviously pudding is not healthy or anything, its just a treat and extra carbs, and I wouldnt be able to say what the lasagna would even be for macros but it is meaty and cheesy so theres plenty of protien, carbs and fats regardless.

Snack for drive home : banana and ham sandwich (this sandwich had 16g protien).

Like I said, I dont know what supper will be, but not only will I have that but I will more than likely have a couple other snacks during the evening and I will definitely be having some milk too. Right now, I cant totally eat the way I want to, because me and my wife dont so much cooking right now. The biggest focus is that I get in a good amount of protien and carbs, and some fat but not too much. I dont keep a super close track on everything to be honest, but I have a very good idea of what I eat each day.

The other thing I would like to mention is that our bread here is all local from the bakery, with only a few (and good) ingredients and most of the meat (including my ham today) is also local. My ham today is low in fat, high in protien. I will maybe post my supper and what not tonight, but no promises…I am a busy guy

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So its been a bit since i posted anything here. Im sure we all know that covid-19 is spreading still, and things are getting tough all over. We wound up moving to my wifes parents farm instead of getting our own place, to help with their expenses and so that we could be a little more distanced from the town. Still working, but there may be some changes with that too but that will be mentioned if it happens.

Anyways, im still training, still with limited equipment but im getting it done. I have just enough to get some hard training in. Ive found that doing circuit training with kettlebell and bodyweight (sorta crossfit-ish but not quite) gives the most bang for my buck. Right now i am mostly focusing on conditioning/work capacity, overall performance and trying to get as strong and proficient with my bodyweight as i can. Using my resistance bands i can easily do arm, shoulder, and other isolation movements as a finisher of sorts. I keep up the variation in my training as i can…basically its full body circuit training with a focus on performance. So here is my session from yesterday :

April 2/2020
10 swings 10 squats 10 rows 10 pushups x 3
10 swings 10 pushups 10 situps 10 band pullapart x 3
10 cleans 10 snatches x 3
Curls/tricep ext/kb lever/forearm curls x 4

Today is gonna be something simple…something like 200 kb swings 100 pushups and 50 situps and then maybe some focused leg work like bulgarian split squats, goblet squats and rdls with the resistance band. But thats not set in stone either.

April 13 workout
Wanted to switch things up from the more “functional” conditioning performance stuff and do more of an old school bodybuilding type thing. Might run this type of thing for a while just to change it up

Pushups + rows x 4 sets
Pull overs x 4 sets
Ohp + bpa x 3 sets
Split squat x 4 sets
Rdl x 4 sets
Curls + situps x 3 sets

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So i thought i would just throw in another life update here. My work situation has changed and we wound up moving a couple towns over from where we were. Only a few days ago. I am working for a guy (still construction) who has tons of work and constant calls for more. We are taking precautions still but we easily fit into being able to continue working, and its all outdoors. Its a very good job and a great crew. We also got a great deal on the place we are in, and are very happy with it.

So now being in our own place again, it will be easier to train as fully as i would like to as opposed to living with other people as we had been. Still minimal equipment, but i should be able to do more. The addition of a long yard means that i can sprint at home, and walking lunges could get a little more interesting. And, we are planning on getting some equipment together too.

Since being in our new place I have been greasing the groove with chinups, and i will post my first full workout here soon.


May 10 workout
~warm up with resistance band~
Pullups x 5 sets
Band rows x 4 x 20
Kb rows x 4 x 10
Band straight arm pullover x 3 x 12
Pull throughs x 3 x 12
Mow lawn
Walking lunges x infinity

Also took my son for a 20 min walk this morning

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May 29 / 2020
Pullups + tricep push down x 5 sets
Kb row + arnold press x 3 sets
Pushups + band pull apart x 3 sets
Hammer curl + wrist curl x 3 sets

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So its been a while since i posted here, but i thought i would give a little bit of thought around my training, or how my training has seemed to form itself.

So with the equipment i do have, the foundation of my training has been set by kb swings, goblet squats, ab wheel, chinups and pushups. These are some of the best bang for your buck excercises as it is, and while you wont get insane strength or levels of jackedness from it, you can still bullet proof your body, get stronger and gain at least a bit of muscle from them. With my resistance bands and light dbs i can do a number of other excercises, but the ones above are my foundation.

I am mostly training full body, 3-4 x a week. I have done some other stand alone workouts too. But with that out of the way, my wife and i are looking at buying some equipment for the house. At the very least a barbell and some plates, but we are shopping around to see what we can get. Once we do have more options, training will change up and be a little more interesting.

On the diet side, i have strarted experimenting with the vertical diet. It isnt 100% strict, but its pretty close. Either way, im eating in a clean and straightforward way.

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July 11/2020
Stretching before and after
Band pull aparts x 50 reps
Tricep ext x 50 reps
Decending reps kb swings 12-1
Pullups decending reps 8-1
Pushups x 50
Ohp x 3 x 10
Rows x 2 x 10
Situps + curls x 3

Just a basic workout with what i have available to me. And for refrence, when i say “decending reps” i mean the first set is say 10 reps for ex, then a set of 9, 8…ect down to 1 rep.

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So i scored a tractor tire a few days ago, and today i put myself through a good session.

Tire flip down farmer carry back x 4 rounds
Tire deadlift x 5 reps carry down repeat x 4 rounds
Backwards drag down forwards drag back x 3 rounds

I will obviously be incorporating my tire a lot now that i have one. I also have a keg coming soon…i guess im slowly getting into some strongman type stuff haha

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Quick upper body work
Pullups + Dips x 5 sets
Kb z press + band pull apart x 3 sets
Side raise + curls x 3 sets
Ab wheel + side bend w./ kb x 3 sets

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