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Big Daddi Log and 2021 T-ransformation

Hang in there brother - hope everything gets better for you and your family.

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Last week was last week. Emotionally it was hard, but at least my little cousin/“nephew” that i mentioned in the previous post is doing better.

My wife will be going into the doc office today to get her test results, which is stressful, but hopefully we at least get an answer.

Im starting a new project today…another reno. It will be a good couple weeks to get it finished.

Im planning on getting my push session in tonight, but life happens and if my wifes results are not good then we will see. She is more important that training is.


Hey man, hoping for the best for you and your family. I’m glad to see you got some good news on your little guy at least. At least you will get results today and not have to wait super long. Don’t be afraid to seek refuge in lifting if it will help you detach from reality for a bit.

This is 10000% correct. Much like they say in regards to work - train to live, don’t live to train.

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Thanks, i appreciate your words

So we did get results for my wife, and thank goodness its not cancer. But i imagine she will have to have some kind of surgery, she is being referred to a specialist so we will see.

I did get in a push session last night, felt great physically and mentally…i went off books a little bit but it was still a push session with some meadows flavor so to me it counts.

Flys x 2 straight sets 1 sorta failure set
Dips x 4 straight sets to sorta failure
Incline chest press x 3 sets @ 20 reps

Side raises x 3 sets
Face pull x 2 x 20

T.g. Tricep kickback ss banded press down