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BIG D 475 lb. Squat PR


Age 16, B.W. 195 lbs

475 lb. Squat PR

Today we tested to see where he was at to get him prepared for the 2009 RAW United Nationals on Dec. 5th. So far so good.

Goals for this meet are:
Squat 480 lbs
Bench 300 lbs
Deadlift 515 lbs
Total 1295 lbs

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THJc88ZIuBc


That kids a beast, im sure hell do great at Nationals.


It's cool that they let your advertise for free here.


I was thinking the same thing, atleast this time he didnt rant about how crossfit made him that strong.




ha, x2