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Big Cycle Comming Up - Need Help

Hey im looking to start my next cycle, ive used Test Eth, deca ,dbol, eq, winny all before and got great results, but on this next cycle im going to use alot of juice that i never really had much experience with, so any personal experiences, opinion, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cycle Plan
Week 1-15 Test Prop 100mgs EOD
Week 1-15 Trenbolone Eth 400mgs/week
Week 1-6 Dbol 60mgs ED
Week 1-15 some AI not sure yet

Clomid 200/100/50/25/25/25 ED
Nolvadex 60/40/40/20/20/20/20/20/20/20 ED
Same AI used during cycle 25mg ED for 8 weeks

So yea this is my cycle so far, plz help im open for any suggestions, and would love to hear personal experience with the juice and doses in question.


First thought: Long cycle. Why is it so long?

Second though: 15 weeks of tren. Hahahahahahahahaha! Funny. I mean…you are joking…right?

Third thought: 10 weeks of SERM only PCT? Wow. You have come to some interesting conclusions, and I would love to hear the reasoning behind some of them.

There’s other crazy stuff in there, too, like your tren dosage being higher than that of your test. You seem to be all over the place.

Why not break this whole thing up into two cycles? You can get all of the benefits of those first few weeks, miss the inevitable plateau and stagnation and gain more overall.

My revised cycle would be something like as follows:

W1-8 Test prop 150mg EOD (actually 75mg ED, but if you’re not a needle fan like I am you can go ahead and go EOD with prop)
W2-7 Tren ace 50mg ED (you really should shoot this ED, and since you are, you might as well go ahead and mix your prop and tren and shoot them together for the most stable blood levels of all hormones at all times).
W2-7 Dbol 50-60mgED (for the synergy)

AI: Arimidex at dosage to be determined by your own tolerance level.

Do this, do a good 4 or up to 6 week Nolva PCT sort of like you have outlined above, wait another couple of weeks, and then you can start this whole process over again with fresh receptors for fresh gains.

back to the drawing board lol

I am not Expert…but why did u choose this cycle? Is this your first…second…third…cycle?

I mean why not use a normal ester and D-bol.

Why use Trenbolone what is the advantage? (Pardon the ignorance I have no knowledge on Trenbolone.)

Also why both clomid and Novla? Seen a lot of people doing that, why?

lol prop is a normal ester wtf does that even mean?

Trenbolone is a very powerful drug, do your own research on it. It has a very high affinity for the AR, go from there.

The prop is going to kill you, IMO. 15 weeks of tren at 400mg/week is a little much, again IMO. Id would recommend pinning test e E3D, tren at a more moderate dose EOD, the dbol down to 40mg ED, and the test/taper/serm PCT. Thats just me or my two centavos.

I would not want to be around anyone who has been on tren for 15 weeks. I’d say hi and they’d think I was talking shit and rip my throat out.

yea i really need help with this, i cant make up my mind. Im want to take a big cycle (this is my 4th cycle) and i cant really make up my mind. I want to use stuff that i have never tryd before, because i feel i will get greater results with new substances, not that i havent got good results before, but i think im ready to take it to the next level.

That being said im trying to stay away from deca (done it on one cycle and was just not my favorite) but i love dbol, and i wanted to try prop and tren. Im going on this next cycle to gain as much strength and size as possible over a 12-15 week period.

Can anybody help me with this, maybe some cycles you have done with these in the past, or cycles you would do with these(dbol,tren, prop, or others im really open for anything except deca) Id greatly appreciate any help or advice you could give.

Do a search for test§/tren(a)/dbol. There are definitely a few good threads about it. I have never heard anything but positive reviews for those that use an amount of tren that they can tolerate. I’ve never used tren before but when/if I do it will be with prop/dbol.

Test/tren/dbol is a wonderful combination. Somewhere around here, I think it was Game_over started a thread about deca or tren that evolved into a discussion of the benefits of test/tren/dbol. Look around for it.

I’d like to hear more about these things before personally recommending anything to you:

  1. Age and Training Age
  2. Diet
  3. Cycle History
  4. Any other relevant information you feel would affect your situation.

Provide us with this, and you will get a lot more concrete answers, I’ll bet.

I’ll say one thing, two high-dosage, shorter-length cycles separated by an adequate PCT appear to be more effective overall at building the maximum amount of muscle compared to one long cycle of an equivalent amount of AAS.

Thanks ill defiantly find that, and as for my personal stats im 23, 6’3, a little over 280, and im not exactly sure what my body fat is, but its probably kinda high, but i am an athlete and im not in season right now so im not really worried about it, in season im around 265. As for diet i eat alot and try to get some protein and veggies in every meal, i also throw in some protein shakes thought the day.

Ive been training in my sport for years, but really into the weights about 9yrs ago, and steroids for about 3. Like ive said before i have done 4 cycles before mainly basic cycles, test and dbol, but my last cycle was my biggest 12weeks of test 500mg and deca 400mg, dbol 50mg the first 5 wks, and im really looking to take it to the next level.

test enanthate: 750mg/wk
Tren ace: 250-300mg/wk
dbol: 35-50mg/day

10 weeks. dbol stopped after week 4.
stasi/taper/SERM PCT

If that doesn’t put some hair on your chest your dead in the water mate.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
test enanthate: 750mg/wk
Tren ace: 250-300mg/wk
dbol: 35-50mg/day

10 weeks. dbol stopped after week 4.
stasi/taper/SERM PCT

If that doesn’t put some hair on your chest your dead in the water mate. [/quote]

I like the compounds, but disagree with some of the dosage/length suggestions:

Use prop instead and inject ED or no less than EOD (ace esters should be injected ED no questions asked) Start and stop the tren a week before and after. Keep the dbol at the high end unless painful pumps occur. Drop the dbol after week 6. Train and eat right for God’s sake and for God’s sake you will get stronger than you ever have, bigger than you ever have, and even possibly get leaner in that process!

If you don’t like injecting you should probably reevaluate this cycle because the whole thing works better at this length with this injection schedule.

if you’re going to pin Tren ED, use Prop along with it. You can achieve as much in 8 weeks doing that then 12 weeks of long ester.

side note: ran tren for 15 weeks straight. Fucking LOVED it.

Yea i think this ill do 10 weeks Test prop 75mgs a day for 10 wks, tren eth at 50mgs a day, and dbol at 50mgs a day for the first 4-6 wks depending on how i feels. Thanks for all the help guys

wait you have tren E? Have you ever ran tren before?

Also, I see no mention of an AI, I would include some adex, primarily for the high dose of dianabol.

Switching to tren e changes the variables. If you run it the same length as your test prop it is going to take a lot longer for the tren to clear and you are likely to have libido/shutdown/ED issues. Go with the cycle as I had it laid about before.

Also I think I was unclear before. I would suggest you run the tren ace within your prop cycle. Meaning start a week after you start the prop, and finish at least a week before you finish the prop. I would not recommend running tren ace much longer than 6 weeks, as recovery tends to become more difficult the longer you run tren. 6 weeks of tren ace when your prop and dbol levels are fully built up will result in some incredible gains. You likely won’t need more.

And yes as egnatios states above get your AI lined up.

You probably don’t want to hear this, either, but I, personally, will never again run tren of any kind in the absence of cabergoline or some kind of prolactin inhibitor/dopanine agonist. Tren is just too powerful and shutdown too complete to go without it, in my opinion.

ok so run the test prop week 1-8 75mgs ed, tren ace 2-7 50mgs ed, and dbol 50mgs 1-6, does that sound good? also would i be alright to run the prop for 10 weeks still, but the tren 3-8 instead.

also AI 25mgs adex eod, clomid and nolva for pct

I would go with 0.5mg Adex EOD to start and adjust accordingly. With 50mg/d dbol, you may need more.

I would consider a test stasis/taper or at least a stasis prior to a SERM PCT as this cycle warrants easing your HPTA back online.

Having Caber or bromocryptine on hand would be wise for prolactin sides.

[quote]NickMcNasty wrote:
ok so run the test prop week 1-8 75mgs ed, tren ace 2-7 50mgs ed, and dbol 50mgs 1-6, does that sound good? also would i be alright to run the prop for 10 weeks still, but the tren 3-8 instead.

also AI 25mgs adex eod, clomid and nolva for pct[/quote]

Sounds like a good cycle to me. Could be extended to 10 weeks, too, but if you wanted two back to back cycles like you suggested I would keep the overall cycle lengths shorter. I do hope you won’t be taking 25mgs(!!!) of arimidex EOD!!! .25 or .5 might serve you a bit better :wink:

I don’t know what your recovery is going to be like, though, as tren is a very suppressive compound that can make full recovery a rather arduous process.

Still don’t see any mention of cabergoline/bromocriptine. I’m telling you, you probably want one of those in there when you are using the tren.