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Big Cycle - Am I Missing Anything?


Hey guys,

I’ve made another post regarding my next cycle but I feel like I’ve confirmed now with a few questions to ask. Here is what I’m considering starting in April.

Weeks 1-16 Test E @ 500mg/week
Weeks 1-4 Dianabol @ 40mg/day
Weeks 1-10 Tren E @ 400mg/week
Weeks 6-15 Boldenone @ 600mg/week

Weeks 3-16 HCG @ 500IU/week
Weeks 1-16 Adex @ 0.25-0.5mg/EOD

Weeks 19-20 Nolva @ 40mg/day
Week 19 Clomid @ 100mg/day

Weeks 20-22 Clomid @ 50mg/day
Weeks 21-24 Nolva @ 20mg/day

Weeks 19-24 DAA @ 3g/day

I’ve tried to be as safe as possible in my approach, particularly in coming off the cycle. I’m not sure whether to run the Bold at the start and Tren at the end (cutting Tren after week 14, of course) or leave as is. Or to even run them all from the start. I’m even considering bringing in Tren at week 3 instead of week 1 and running it for just 8 weeks - would this work out better? I’ve gone with Tren from the start so it is right out of the system for PCT, and have thus far not run both Bold and Tren at the same time based on a synergistic disharmony.

Also, is HCG necessary and could I switch Adex for Proviron? I’m trying to be on the safe side. Also not sure if 6 weeks of Nolva is needed or if Clomid is needed at all - but I’ve been recommended this by a weathered user.

I’m also not 100% if the Dianabol is completely necessary. So far I have used Dianabol, Test and Sust (in different cycles) and had no side effects besides pimples from Dianabol (@60mg/day).

My support supplements and diet are all in check.

Thank you


Too much SERM: https://forums.t-nation.com/clicks/track?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftnation.T-Nation.com%2Ffree_online_forum%2Fsports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear%2Fthe_pct_serm_dosing_in_this_forum_is_wrong&post_id=160627&topic_id=160624

Take hCG the 2nd day of your cycle, LH will be falling towards zero at that point the the objective is not having any testicular shutdown. Waiting for week 3 has no justification.

You need anastrozole for weeks 1-26…
SERMs increase E2 and SERMs do not protect all tissues.

Your SERM doses are too high and SERMs should not be stacked!

hCG is maintaining your testes. You do not need to power boot the testes back to life with, which is wrong, with high dose SERMs. Many repeat these same errors, but its still wrong. It gets passed around like a STD.

You will fail by not tapering out of SERM in PCT!

1mg/week anastrozole can control T–>E2 of 100mg T ester per week. You need more.

If you want certainty, do labs on this cycle. Check E2, TT, FT, CBC w hematocrit, AST/ALT during your cycle and E2, LH/FSH while on SERM to make sure that LH/FSH is not high.


So based on your feedback I’m guessing the actual AAS approach is reasonable and will prove effective? I’m also considering bringing it back to 14 weeks as oppose to 16.

I understand what you mean in terms of HCG. I’ve never used this compound so I’m unsure of the protocols, but I have enough to last the full 16 weeks so it isn’t an issue. Thanks. I’ve also seen an approach when people run HCG for 10 days prior to PCT as opposed to what I’ve proposed. What are your thoughts on this?

I actually intend on running Adex through to week 18. I made a mistake here, but don’t feel ill need more than 0.5mg EOD as with my past cycles (Test + Dbol, Sust only) I have never needed/used Adex, and the amounts of aromatising compounds I used was much higher (750mg-1g, 60mg). I understand I should have ideally used Adex, so do not shoot me down for this, although this time I plan I doing everything right.

PCT I’m questioning whether I need both Nolva & Clomid, and if I need to run a 6 week PCT as opposed to 4 particularly if I’m using HCG. My previous PCT’s have been a 4 week Nolva at 20mg/day + DAA and then just a 2 week @ 20mg/day - I experience little testicularly atrophy and have come off extremely well in the past with minimal muscle loss and and extremely fast rebound, no gyno issues what so ever.


And my understand with Adex was that you taper it off in the two weeks prior to PCT and based on its half life ensure it has cleared the system (3 days) before introducing Nolva/Clomid etc?


If you do not allow the testes to shutdown, PCT recovery is really about getting the pituitary and hypothalamus working to produce LH/FSH. To support this, E2 needs to be kept low and T levels from the main cycle, and E2 from that, need to have cleared. But not that E2 clearance can be deficient as a result of effects or orals on the liver. And SERM’s during cycle and PCT need to not be generating high levels of LH/FSH. If LH/FSH is high, the testes will see a signal to slow down during exit from PCT. And low dose anastrozole keeps E2 levels moderately down so E2 rebound is avoided.

Note that the above makes stacking multiple SERM’s inadvisable.

You need hCG or SERM from the beginning of your cycle to implement the above strategy.

Serum anastrozole levels need to balance to serum T levels. So as you taper off of T, you also need to taper off of anastrozole. So the implications are their for PCT where you testes will be making “normal” amounts of T if your SERM dose is appropriate.

Again, some guys feel crappy with clomid and nolvadex does not do that. Those two drugs are largely interchangeable mg per mg.