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Big Country Booty's Journey to a nice body


I am new to this whole thing and weight has been a battle since I had my 1st son who is now 8. I am looking for a way to get new Ideas on weightloss and exercising as a whole. Any advice is welcome and I will be posting my begining photo's soon. Please ladies, I am a single mom, deployed in afghanistan, in need of some great advice! God Bless to everyone here!


Welcome BCB! :stuck_out_tongue:

I've been working with her for the past month, all. As I'm getting set to leave here, I recommended she keep a log in here and learn as much as possible from you ladies. Plus, it'll be a way I can keep track of the work she'll be doing. Accountability and such.



Any freind of the Beast is a freind of mine.

I hope to encourage you on your journey.

( I always misspell Freind....hope that doesn't bother you toooo much )


Welcome, welcome. First of all, thanks for doing what you do. It is truly appreciated.

I'm sure that Beast has you on the right track. Hope that all of us here at PW can help you in our own way.

This is the beginning of an awesome and rewarding journey. You are gonna love how great this whole training thing makes you feel (& look.)

Best of luck!


Hi and welcome BCB! Thanks for your service.

As far as training, I really like 5-3-1 and that's the program I've exclusively used. I've seen some positive changes to my physique from lifting heavy and focusing on compound movements--squat, bench, deadlift and the military press. My weight has pretty much stayed the same, but my arms are sculpted and I have abs. Someday I hope to have a nice ass. But, I'm not there yet.

As far as diet, I'm working on mine and trying to keep the changes simple. No quick fixes for me. It's just one choice and one day at a time.

I'm looking forward to reading your log, and I expect you'll get of advice and feed back once you start posting the particulars of your program.


Any friend of Beast is welcome here !


Welcome BCB. Thanks for doing what you do.

I'd be interested to know what your training looks like now, and what your specific goals are. That will help us, help you.


ok, i'll say it.

nice boobs.

and, thanks for doing what most "patriots" wont.


Thank you guys for your support and Beast you know I thank you personally for all that you have done for me and Troy. I am looking forward to the ideas you guys have for me to help me lose this weight. Today my work out was cut short with a call from my little sister who is in the hospital about to give birth to her 1st child! I talked to her for as long as I could so that only left me 30 mins to work out. I decided to go with cardio on the elypical (I hope I spelled that right. lol) and burned around 350 cals on it. I plan to go back after work today to get in some strength traing.

As far as my goals go, I am 30lbs over weight for the army standard. I want to lose at least 20lbs within the next few months. I have lost 12lbs since coming into country but I hit a brick wall. I also want to get better at every portion of the pt test that I have coming uyp next month, which includes a 2mile run, push ups and sit ups in 2 mins.

As fars as my goals for just me, I want a tighter body, better butt, and flat tummy. I am a little afaid of suppliments but if anyone has any suggestions on fat burners and such that wont leave me feeling like kid hopped up on candy, I would love the Ideas! Thanks again every one!


Cool. You can join me this afternoon for some squats, then. Yes. Bring Troy with you...


That's awesome Beast is there for you!

I'm not the best on advice, but am always excited for other female lifters! OH! wait, i do have some advice-- get to know some squats! OHHH! Meet them and its like the love of your life just walked into the room.....sigh.. :slight_smile:


beast- i cant save pics in firefox so you'll hafta email that to me. teach your friend abt complexes.

bcb- you DONT wanna feel like a kid hopped up on candy? thats the BEST part about fat burners!!


I hate fat burners personally.

They ruin my gut and make me feel shaky and nervous.

I'd rather eat salad and meat all day, and I hate salad.

my $.02


I love you, Brute.

But I second squats. They are the greatest thing since God created Light.


Never had much luck with the fat burners you get from supplement shops myself. But I love me some ephedrine.

Oh, and Welcome BCB! Looks like youre in good hands here.



BCB-just remember when you were a kid and you were hopped up, you were unstoppable. Yes. Put 2 and 2 together on this one. :wink:


Hi and Welcome!

Thanks for your service and Congrats to your Sister!!! I can imagine the anxiety of wanting to be there with her..

I'm the resident military wifey..My hubby is currently in A-stan but due home next month!!!

I can relate to wanting to shed the weight too..and hopefully it doesn't take you as long as it has taken me. My son is 9 and I STILL haven't made it back to my original 'fighting weight,' of 160-165.. :confused:

I will get there though!

So what is it that you are doing so far training wise? I know that your diet is probably limited if it's anything like the food my hubby has been telling me about(yuck!)


Welcome BCB!

umm......we're gonna need a booty shot to verify your claim. :wink:

I'm with edgy but for different reasons. Save the fat burners/ephedrine for 6 months to a year after you've trained consistantly - then see if you still need them. In my experience (now 10 years ago) they fucked up my natural energy levels and metabolism. Id rather listen to my body and perform accordingly. A simple cup of black coffee before a workout can go a long way.

You'll see here that we all have different methods.. if you keep at it you'll find the one that's right for you. Just keep coming back for MOAR!!! :wink:


^^I will triple this!

Welcome BCB :slightly_smiling:


As far as fat burners are concerned, I've never taken them; I've always considered them a last resort for someone who is already really lean and looking for a bit extra. They're not something I would ever recommend, personally.