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Big Chest, Not Defined


i am happy with my chest size, but there isnt any definition. its hard to see a "cut" under or around my pecs. I dont bench every day like some people, i lift upper body once every 3 days, so that isnt the problem.

maybe higher reps?


Well, you are 170lbs at 5'10. So your chest can't really be all that big. If your chest is not defined enough, your bodyfat may be too high to see any definition. But, I'm willing to bet if you put on 20lbs of muscle, your "definition" would show through much more. My guess is you don't have much muscle to be defined.

And the myth of high reps for "cuts" is bull. The muscle can either be bigger or smaller. Your bodyfat can be increased or decreased. And your genetics determine to a great degree if you have striations or visible muscle fibers at a given level of body fat.

Answer- build more muscle.



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