Big Calorie Meal Crew

Do you guys eat any meals that are like 1500+ calories in one sitting?

What do those meals look like?

I’m a big meal eater myself and thought it would be cool to share some ideas.

My favorite 2 big meals are:

Bison Chili - Just a big ass portion with rice.
Tacos - This one I posted a while back on my log, but I use salmon now vs chicken. Also black beans and sour cream so pushes it over the 1500 cal make for sure!

This meal has below that I posted has:

67g Carbs
83g Fat
105g Protein
1435 Calories

6 tortillas
1/2 lb chicken thighs (made in crock pot/stewed)
6 oz cheddar cheese
All sorts of toppings.



Yup, about once a week I order either a 16 inch pizza or indian takeaway plus all the trimmings…I just ordered a 16 inch eastern (curry based) pizza in fact!


My dinner can get that high usually around 1200 but, it is not a big dish. I just eat multiple meals together.

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Tell me it’s on naan…

Yup keema naan bread!!!

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Holy fuck. I love curry, I love naan, I love pizza. I need to find this.

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A whole pizza

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16 oz strip, large salad and grilled shrimp. 8 carne asada tacos. A whole pizza. Large burnt ends platter with an extra hot link. Whole order special fried rice + 2 egg rolls. 2 double cheeseburgers and a large Oreo Blizzard


I may be a 5ft female under 90lbs, but I have an endless appetite for meat that I indulge when the opportunity arises Here are some of my exploits:

Germany 2015: 1/2 crispy skin haxe+1/2brined haxe+ large pile of saurkraut+1large weisswurst

Steamed Seafood restaurant: most of a 750g grouper+ 250g shrimp+10large clams+3/4 of a roe crab+ some pumpkin+ridiculous amount of mushrooms

BBQ buffet 2016: 20 pieces of spare ribs+10 chicken wings+2 sausages+3oz steak+ 10+ veggie skewers

1/2 peking duck+neck+head+lost track of how much veggies

Korean BBQ Christmas 2018: 250g steak tartare w/ egg yolk+ 4oz pork shoulder+ idk how much pork belly, pork skin, pork intestine+steak+ beef tongue. I stopped counting after the pork shoulder. All I know is that I ate about twice as much as my 15 yr old brother.

None of these were technically binges because I felt fine and very satisfied afterwards… the next days were a different story though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pretty much every night I get in over 1000 at dinner. Lately my go to is a couple of Chuck steaks reverse seared, 8-10 scrambled eggs, and a big salad.

Another one I love is Mexican meat loaf. My girlfriend makes it every once and a while and I can eat half a pan of it. Ground beef, black beans, jalapenos, bell peppers, shredded cheese and she buys these gluten free tortilla shells that are awesome.

I love big meals. 2 meals a day crew here

Dinner is usually

  • 500g Eggs (720kcal)
  • 500g Chicken Breast (800kcal)
  • 250g Broccoli (85kcal)

Sometimes I subsituite Chicken Breast with something like Salmon or Rotisserie, bit more calories so I’ll drop to 375g Eggs

Did 1850kcal breakfast today so you can count me in :slight_smile:

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When bulking, once a week I would have a cheat/ filth meal which would be:
a moderate portion of meat and veg…
then for desert I would have a portion of whatever I was craving from the past week like a slice of cheescake, a Kripsy kreme and crack open a bag of haribo and a have a couple gummies. really take my time and enjoy them.

Then I would wait 5 mins and have the whole pack of Haribo and a double portion of anything else and eat fast and hard until I started to feel very bloated.

Wait another 5 mins start to feel better and have some orange slices and digestive enzymes. then repeat and try and take down the whole dozen box of krispy cremes (never made it :sob: )until I felt completely shit and/or 3 mins away from vomiting.
Wait another 5 mins have a double protein shake and a piece of green fruit.

Then go train and do heaviest session of the week. Not allowed to leave gym until hit some kind of PR on a barbell lift.
Do an extra 3 mins on warm down, because cardio.

I don’t know if y’all remeber when Arby’s had the 5 for 5.95…I’d get two roast beefs, two ham and cheese and a curly fry. Throw away 2 sets of buns so I’d have a double meat RB and a double meat ham.

Soooo good. That was probably an easy 1,000 calories

I’ve found it increasingly difficult to fit in meals in the work day. Usually have a couple of breakfast sandwiches/wraps around 630 or 7 in the am then sometimes the next actual meal I have is dinner almost 12 hours later. I try my best to carve out time for lunch but more often than not lately I only have a protein shake with whole milk.

Anyone have any high calorie meal ideas for right after work? Only issue I have is that I lift after work and I’d rather not be exploding at the seams during lofting./any other ideas on when to fit food in would be greatly appreciated!

ill crush 8 eggs on top of a breakfast poutine, that has hash browns, hollandaise sauce, chopped up bacon and sausage. my mouth is water thinking about it… common Tuesday.