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Big Butt Problems

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here it goes anyway.

To cut to the chase, I’ve got a huge fucking bubble butt and it’s really frustrating. It sticks straight out from my back and it’s so, so visible to anyone not standing DIRECTLY in front of me. It isn’t mostly fat or anything like that (trust me, I’ve cut and it did fuck all to reduce the size). I get commented on it every single day. And finding pants that fit is a literal impossibility – if they aren’t sweatpants, they gotta get tailored, and no matter what they look tight as fuck at the waist.

I’m just wondering if anybody else here suffers from the plague of the gargantuan butt, and what the best way to deal with it would be? I’ve asked around elsewhere, both online and IRL, but have gotten absolutely zero luck. Am I the only one with this big of an ass? And am I stuck with it for the rest of my life?

Are you male or female?

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guy lol

Uh… good or bad comments?

Height? Weight? Age?
Do you lift?
Did you do anything to specifically train the gargantuan butt?

We have very little info here to go on.

6’3”. 200. 23.

Some comments positive, some negative. All shocked at how big it is. It gets old.

I’ve been consistently lifting for about a year. I played ice hockey growing up, and come from a family of big butts, so I’ve always had a bit of a caboose lol. But squatting is what has caused it to bloody inflate.

I do some variations on occasion, but nothing crazy or frequent. I think the primary factor here is genetics.

Lol. I’m sorry.

How’s ur posture like. Like them chicks on insta if you stand a certain way makes ur butt stick out.

Get bigger hammies and lower back to balance out the look. Or bigger everything to balance it out

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As @guineapig said, if it’s anterior pelvic tilt that’s causing it, you can fix that to lessen it a bit. Trust him, he knows a thing or two about butts, dont ask. Haha. As you said though, genetics is a big part of it and there’s no escaping that. You’re just gonna have to embrace it

Normally a large non fat ass is a sign of good strength potential in the lower body.


Sorry dude, doesn’t add up. At that height and weight you wouldn’t be skinny as hell but there wouldn’t be much left over anywhere to make a disproportionately big backside. Pictures would help. In this case profile.


200 was kind of a wild guess tbh. I was well over 200 before cutting. But I’ve put on quite a bit of muscle following that. I figured 200 sounded about right, but after thinking it over I think I’ve way lowballed it lol.

I’ll weigh myself when I get a chance.

I feel like if your thighs and back got bigger that wouldn’t look that extreme. And really, it doesn’t even look extreme. Definitely not a “bubble butt,” just a more muscular one. As far as the pants go, anybody who gets bigger than average will have to deal with that.

Dude. I have just as big of a butt as you, and my wife is an absolute fiend for it. Plenty of women like big butts. I pictured you having an ass-implant looking butt. Build your hamstrings if you want to hide it more, but honestly just accept it.

Right… you ‘totally don’t like your butt’, then you wear a skin tight shirt and tights to make it look as big as possible.

And it’s not impossible to find clothes that fit. I’m 5’11, 200 lbs, and have a bigger butt and thighs than you, similar waist. And I have never had to get a pair of pants or jeans tailored.

There are plenty of jeans and pants out there that are made for athletes/people built like you. You’re likely just trying to buy the wrong brands or styles.


When asked what made Bo Jackson so athletic, he responded it was his huge ass (I think he was serious too).

Just embrace it, and grow the rest of the body.

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Um, yeah, I’m a fan of booties, too. My husband has a nicely rounded ass and I quite like it.

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Ok im finding this thread odd now for some reason.


The title alone gave me the impression it was someone basically looking for compliments on their butt.

“Oh my gawwwd my ass is just toooo big, what to do?!”

According to my wife I have the same issue with another part of my anatomy.


What size pants do you wear? Also, as bulldog said, a bigger ass is usually the sign of a strong guy or at least the potential for it.

I’m with the other guy who asked why you’re wearing tights and a skin tight shirt. Makes zero sense if you’re self conscious. 200 at 6’3” really isn’t that big so I would assume that if you’re able to get your upper body and legs bigger, it’d look more “natural”. Although, it doesn’t really look abnormal here.

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Lol NOT my intention.

The tight pants are just what I wear for hockey. I don’t actually go out in public like that haha.