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Big Bulking Cycle

So I’m finishing up my summer shredding cycle now & just been thinking ahead for when I do my bulking cycle in October. Never used deca before so let me know if dosages are too low/too high its a new compound for me.

Test E 1000 mg- weeks 1-16 M/Th
Deca 400 mg- weeks 1-16 M/Th
Exemestane- 20 mg eod
Cabergoline (took w/ tren before, assumed i need it w deca too)

Threw around idea of adding in anadrol or dbol as a kickstarter but i typically have some issues with gyno so didn’t think it would be worth it.

That’s a lot of test so I’ll assume you’ve got an extensive history leading up to that dose. I’ve run Nandrolone a couple times. When I was younger, I had no issues but alas the most recent time I developed ED from it. From what I’ve read its a combo of the neurological effects of the deca along with the DHN. Keeping your test higher as you have it is the best course of action. I think your ratio is fine. I doubt you’ll need caber at that dose, I never did but hey we are all different.

If you have gyno issues I would think that dose if test is going to give you a flare up. Have you ever run nolva along side your cycle to combat the gyno?

Yeah I have 5 cycles under my belt now, this will be the first cycle I go above 600 test per week so i am expecting some flare ups of my gyno. Yeah I have used nolva before that’s pretty much the only thing that’s really kept it under wraps so I should probably use it instead of the exemestane.

The biggest thing I was concerned with from the deca was developing ED but like you said I thought the ratio of test/deca was fine but just wanted to check i guess to be sure that isn’t an issue for me

& I’ll just have the caber on hand if you don’t think i’d need it at that dose, i just have it from a few tren cycles

Have you considered adding mast? That seems to be a consensus addendum to test/deca cycles, although the dose range is quite wide.

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Hadn’t really considered it for this particular cycle. I am running mast right now with test & tren. Why would you run it with test/deca? just for the anti estrogen properties?

I agree with this. Having now used mast il probably never run another blast without it. Im actually looking into possible long term dosing with my cruise as well.

Edit: deca scares me. Im open to using just about any compound regardless of side effects and shit but something about deca just turns me away. I feel like if I were to use it now all I would be able to think about is having a limp noodle which would probably then manifest into ED.

The mental game is definitely part of it. When I developed the ED I started stressing about it which I believe continued the problem well past the point of when my hormones rebalanced. If you’re thinking about it… it will happen.

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