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Big Breakfast Bad?


my friend and I are having a little discussion. he says that its bad on the digestive system to have a big meal as soon as you wake up saying its bad for the digestive system? he says that its better to have something small to kickstart your metabolism. any truth in this??


Well "big" could mean a range of things, but no- a big breakfast is not bad for your digestive system.

We can't prove your friend wrong if we don't know what the reasoning behind his argument is.


Your friend is talking out of his ass. To get big, eating big is usually required. By any chance, did he provide any specific medical reasons for why eating a large breakfast is "bad on the digestive system"? Further, wy would this make sense to anyone else? Is a big lunch "bad on the digestive system"? What about a big dinner? What if "breakfast" isn't eaten until 10am? I ate 10 eggs this morning. I guess that explains the blinding white light and the sudden appearance of the spirits of my ancestors.


No your body is STARVING when you wake up. Eat a huge breakfast. Try and make it one of your biggest meals of the day. Get 35-70 grams of protien, veggies, and healthy fats. Make an omlette with a protien shake on the side. Add veggies as well and make sure you load up!!! This will kick start your day and kick catabolism as well. Don't forget a slow digesting meal before bed. theyrrrrrrrrrre great!


It's not called 'the most important meal of the day' for nothing.


Holy shit. I guess then I'm in big trouble....Did you notice however that I make sure to include a heap full of green veggies.


That's why it's called breakfast.... cause you're breaking the fast of 8-12 hours. From a hormonal perspective you need a high quality blend of carbs, protein and fats (think 40/30/30 ratio) to stabilize blood sugar, energize your mind and prime your body for anabolism.

A good general rule is to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Of course, there should also be smaller snacks in between.



Are there enough pickles for Cosgrove?


Damn...I always thought those long greeny things were broccolis.


u go to bed at 10 and you wake up at 7, thats 9 hours of not eating, your body is starving. you need a descent sized breakfast in the morning to get your body ready for the day to come.



Well, as you have gathered, your friend is wrong. The only reason he might say this, is that for some people who have skipped breakfast for years get a really fucked up stomach after they eat breakfast. So, maybe your buddy ate breakfast one day and got a bad case of the shits, so he assumes is hard on your digestive track to eat a lot in the morning.



...what is exactly meant by eating lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper? Stupid question I am sure


Nah mate not a stupid question at all.It means:

Breakfast like a king- the king has all the food he needs and kings always eat tons of shit,well they do in the movies anyway haha so eat up big

Lunch like a prince- has food but not as much as the king,so make that meal smaller than breakfast.

Dinner like a Pauper- is the loser of the kingdom,has to look for food scraps.So eat a light meal at night as your body will not need all the calories as u will be going to bed shortly after.

If u are bulking throw everything i just said out the window and eat like a king allll the time :smiley:

Hope this helped?

King if Kings


after a fasted period your liver and other digestive organs will have built up a supply of digestive enzymes such as bile, so breakfast is actually the best time to eat a big meal and get quick digestion. laters pk


The best means to find the answer to this question is not to trust the absolutist statement of his friends or the equally absolutist criticisms of his advice by commenters here, but to experiment on yourself. Does having a big breakfast make you feel slow and lethargic (like it does me) or not?

People are different, biologically. Thus, a given technique will affect individuals differently.


I meant "your friend"


Big breakfasts aren't bad. Experimentation is not needed.


Not for you they aren't. Maybe they are for the thread starter. People are different and will respond differently to different lifestyle practices -- it's not exactly a revolutionary claim, just in line with logic, scientific evidence, and common sense.


For what its worth I totally agree with eating a lot in the morning but have had much better results splitting the meal up into two parts. The first part is liquid and fruit usually a protein shake with berrys and a couple of bannanas (the fructose in fruit is great first thing because the liver has depleted glycogen from the overnight fast). Then about an hour later I eat a proper meal composed of starchy carbs, lean protein and veg. Ive found the liquid meal gets assimilated much faster than a regular meal thus breaking the fast that much faster and is then backed up by "proper" meal shortly after. It also breaks you in gradually for those of you who arnt hungry first thing, might be worth a try lifestyle permitting.


A big breakfast is not bad.

The only problems I have ever had with a big breakfast is when I was sick to my stomach from drinking the night before.