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Big Boys Basics

Anyone know what sort of break between different exercises is appropriate for this program?

Also, this question is sort of directed at Chad, but any suggestions would be welcome -

I’m working with a home made setup, which means my bench is not really a bench at all and therefore I can’t alter the incline. Short of hauling my ass to the gym and getting a membership, any free weight, horizontal/vertical alternatives to

45 degree incline db benchpress
45 degree db row
decline bench sit ups

Thirdly and lastly, what would be a good alternative to the triceps pressdown?


i’ve read several posts that you can “convert” your non-flexible bench to a incline/decline bench by adding 2 45lb plats to one side. it’s just a matter of body position and you have both. triceps pressdowns? i guess you can get some bands? tie’em up to the roof and pull it down…? be creative.

You can simulate the 45 degree incline DB press by doing pushups with your feet elevated on a chair or a stool. The only drawback is that no matter how you do the pushups, you can only use bodyweight unless you buy pushup bands. But you can alternate rep ranges, tempo, or hand spacing for great variations.

You can simulate the 45 degree db rows by using a pull-up bar in your doorway that is posted about half-way up. Lie on the floor and place your feet on a chair. Reach up and grab the bar and pull yourself up to the bar, getting a good contraction. Sort of a horizontal pull-up. I’ve done these before and you can really feel a difference. Again, use different hand-spacing, tempos and rep ranges for great effects.

As far as the decline sit-ups, just do lying floor sit-ups with your feet elevated or any other variation.

For the triceps pressdowns, you can go to Wal-Mart.com and search for the Atlus Door Gym??? I think. It costs around 35 dollars and will attach to any doorway. It’s not the best thing in the world, but if you attach all 4 bands to a single handle, you can do some great one-arm pressdowns and laterals among other exercises. Check it out. It may be worth the money if you are not looking to spend much.

thanks for those detailed replies.

…my bench is actually just elevated wooden planks with a thick blanket over the top for back comfort, hence the incline problem

One option for an incline only bench. Look around garage sales for one of those things Chuck Norris sells on TV. People usually dump them once they realize their not going to look like Chuck on 20 minutes a week. I bought oner for $20.00 and threw most of it out, but it makes a great adjustable incline real cheap.

Substitute incline bench, rows and decline sit-ups with: db bench presses (semi-supinated hand position), bent over db rows (semi-supinated hand position), and traditional sit-ups.

Substitute pressdowns with seated French Presses with an EZ Curl bar or dbs.

cheers again

so is anyone sure about breaks between exercises (bench press => rows etc)? approximate?

60-second rest breaks between exercises or supersets.