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Big Boy Basics

First of all, I am finishing my 6th week of ABBH, and kudos to CW. I have really enjoyed the program, and have gone from 173lbs to about 188. Granted, I gained some fat, but I am very excited about the progress.

I am planning on starting the Big Boy Basics program, and I had a couple questions for CW, or anyone else who thinks they have the answer.

I saw P-Dogs thread, and plan on substituting out the iso movements for upper arms. How would this apply for the Leg curls? Would RDLs or even a glute/ham raise be an alternative?

Also, I assume it would be ok to superset exercises to save time. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I asked CW about supersetting and he said that it was fine. I don’t know that it would save time necessarily, since I imagine you would still rest 60s between sets of various exercises (like in ABBH), but if you didn’t superset, you would rest 60s between sets of the same exercise, e.g., do a set of squats, rest 60s, do a set of squats, etc. However, a longer rest between the same exercise would let you use more weight and thus get stronger. I tried doing the 8x3 with squats at exactly my 5RM with 60s between sets of squats (i.e., I didn’t superset) and I burned out after 6 sets. The 60s was way too short, but I really don’t want to reduce the weight because my goal is increased strength, so I’ll be looking to superset exercises like in ABBH.

personally i wouldnt “super set” i do “alternate” sets however. i.e. bench press and bent rows, but i rest in between. you can do rdl’s or nghr’s for your hammys if you dont want to do the leg curls. another exercise that blasts my hips and glutes is single leg-leg presses. i keep my foot real high on the machine and concentrate on pushing with the heel of my foot. i know the leg press kinda sucks but it is a nice way to get the hips and glutes some work.

I’m doing the Big Boy Basics, too, and I subbed in stiff legged deads for the curls.

You also gotta remember that when Chad talks “supersets”, he doesn’t mean what some of us refer to as supersets, eg. a set of DB bench presses immediately followed by a set of seated rows. When he says “superset”, he’s referring to performing a set of DB bench presses, rest 60 seconds, then a set of seated rows.

Good comments guys.
Yes, when I refer to “supersets”, I concurrently refer to antagonist training. Yes, the BBB basic program can be performed by performing an exercise alternated with an antagonist exercise. As a few poster’s have alluded to, it won’t save time but it will allow you to use a greater load and increase the duration of recovery between sets (perfect for some trainees). Some will achieve a greater benefit with this technique.
Remember, all of us bone-head strength coaches define strength-training terms differently, so be sure you know the definition that each coach uses.

dont forget 1 leg back extensions…

I appreciate the responses. And thanks for the clairification as far as saving time.

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I’m starting my second week on this today, and I have to say I love it. It’s been awhile since I worked everything twice a week, so it’s a real nice change of pace. Also I tried the BB hack squats for the first time ever and really like the way they feel. Since it was the first time I only did 195 but it still worked my legs good.

Great workout you designed, Mr. Waterbury!!!