Big Boy Basics - How Long To Stay On

I’ve been on this workout of CW’s for several weeks now, and I’m loving it. The only question I have is how long is it recommended to stay on it?

Should I just keep it the same until I stop making gains, or switch up the exercises every few weeks?

Anyone else that’s tried it, let me know what you did.

Thanks for the help.

do a search, i started a thread on this topic.

actually it was me. somehow i was logged in as mdog.

I think the usual is six workouts and then you should either switch exercises or rep ranges: 8x3 to 3x8 and 3x8 to 8x3. This was CW suggestion for doing AHBB for six weeks. This is also what I usually do with any program every 3 weeks.

Thanks dogs/dawg!!

P-dog, don’t know how I missed your thread before. Of course it was the one with the info I wanted. Thanks.

You can keep performing the routine for as long as you experience results. Every person will be different in this regard. If you’re loving the program and still experiencing gains, don’t switch it up until you are cursing my name.

thanks for the information. I actually changed my routine for a few weeks because my shoulders started giving me problems, but I’m looking forward to getting back on it soon. And I’ve seen your pics, so I won’t be cursing your name, at least not loud enough that you can hear it.