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Big Boy Basics for Advanced Users


Anyone using this program as an advanced trainer? I see that Waterbury gives a beginner routine.

I like this program because it is a bodypart x2/week, and mixes hypertrophy with strength rep schemes on seperate days. I don't like to dedicate to just hypertrophy or just strength

If nobody uses this as an advanced user, any routines out there similar for advanced users?


CW wrote an article a while back called Essential Waterbury which you could use to do an upper/lower split with different rep ranges.

TBT and Quattro Dynamo have higher and lower rep days, but they're both total body.

Waterbury's high frequency system has strength and hypertrophy focused phases, but it's total body, too.

In some of Thib's programs, you do lower and higher reps, but usually on the same day. You can do them as a bodypart split, though.

There's something called the Shut Up program that has you doing low reps some weeks and high reps other weeks on a body part split.

Hope that helps.