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Big Boy Basics and Dynamic Work

How does dynamic work fit into the picture for the basics of your programs??


After reading much of Chad’s stuff, I can tell that he is a believer in training more than one strength quality at one time. (Much like Westside’s conjugate periodization.) The BBB plan as outlined trains maximal strength one day (using 8x3) and hypertrophy the next (using 3x8). If you decide to train maximal strength with 8x3 and speed strength using dynamic work on the next day that you work the body part, you’re still training within the “rules” i.e., training more than one strength quality at once. You’ve merely subsituted speed strength for hypertrophy.

If I’m wrong, I’m sure CW will set this straight.

I know you can train speed-strength and maximal strength at the same time, you can also train speed strength, maximal strength, hypertrophy and endurance at the same time. I think i’ve actually answered my own question but depedning on what speed strenght quality u wanted to focus on you could use do this.
Over Head Speed Strength and Chest and back hypertrophy
push press- 6 to 8 x 3
speed chins or pulldowns- 8-10x2-3
flat db press- 3x8
chest supported row- 3x8

Horizonatal Speed strength, shoulder and lat hypertrophy
Bench press- 8x3, 45-60%
chest supported row- 8x3, 45-60%
military press- 3x8
pullups- 3x8

So sorry for the post cause i just answered my own question i think. But if Chad would still reply just to make sure, i’d love it if he did.