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Big Boss Doing Work


Well...I am starting to move along with competing in Muay Thai. So I figured it only serves right if I actually start letting it be known what I'm about.....and to get as much feedback(honest..or not) as I can.

I've always been apprehensive about giving a glimpse into my training,sparring,etc. There is an aspect of privacy,but I know I've giving a lot of advice and talked some shit. So there is a degree of validity that feel is owed to the forum. Some of my apprehension stems from just a physical appearance issue. If you were to look at me in person and I told you that I am pretty good with my muay thai....you'd probably die from laughter..haha...and not take me serious at all. Oh well.....

it would be a fatal mistake :wink:

So here are a few pics from USMF Talent Search-Austin from last Saturday.......I will have a vid up later..depending on feedback from this thread.














I would not wanna take a kick from you! Keep on truckin brother.




8...this pic here is an illusion...I'm really not head kicking with my left leg :wink:


9..another illusion


Personally, I love Muy Thai, especially if you are big and strong. Some people choose a martial art, like Shao Lin type shit, which does little good if there is no power behind it. With Muy Thai, it's horsepower. You catch someone with a knee or elbow, its light out plain and simple. People have no idea how bad a knee to the ribs, back, or kidneys will feel. At your size and strength Boss, you could seriously inflict some damage.


haha I love it..a fatal mistake! nice man
Your definately a big man, big big man. But those who train muay thai, for you to tell them you train muay thai they would take you serious. It's no joke!
Pics look pretty sweet..I see you got your foot turnin in the right direction on each kick, and even on the balls of your feet in the pic # 9. If you got more send it over man I love seein people in action!


Ahh,man..I have to keep them pivots nice and tight. At my size,I would wreck my knees/hips if I didn't. Plus,I have to stay as efficient as possible with my movement...it already takes a lot to keep this big body moving..lol.


Good onya man for posting pics. I love seein this stuff.

Post up that vid!

Just a question on muay thai technique, why is it that mt guys get up on the balls of their feet when doin roundhouse/turning kicks (and for that matter, what is the proper term for that kick? We in TKD call them turning kicks or in korean- dollyo chagi). In TKD we are encouraged to plant the heel back down after the pivot, and to bend the supporting leg at the knee, for balance/stability reasons.

Just curious, it's just something I've noticed then you guys made comments about it, so yeah, thought I would ask...

How long you been training for?
You had any other MA experience?

By the way, love pic 4!


Thanks,man...I've been training Muay Thai for 3 years now. As for the pivoting on ball of foot,it stems from the fact that the objective of a muay thai roundhouse(what I've known them to be called)...is to kick through your opponent....not just make contact. You want to be able to put your hips/bodyweight into the force of the kick. Low kicks we tend to take more of an angle step and turn the foot and follow through with the hip to whip the leg...while bending on supporting leg(pic #7)..the higher you kick the more of a pivot is necessary.

I was a student of Hapkido/Tang Soo Do for 7 years before I started muay thai....and I had to get out of planting my heel. Planting the heel takes away the end motion/force of a muay thai roundhouse. It also opens you up to torque in your knees/hips....not a pleasant feeling. Basically,just think of the difference between cracking a whip...and swinging a baseball bat.


Oh...and pic 4 is one of my favorites as well.....it really depicts the benefits of having punches straight down the pipe. You won't see any haymakers from me.


Fucking kickass pictures man! Looks like you did pretty well from those pics. Did you win?

You're pretty much my nightmare- a huuggee motherfucker that can fight.


Nice Pics!!!!!!!

Big is an understatement, working hard!

I would leave that class/fight pretty quickly.



Fuck it...here's link to vid of my match. For those that I PM'd,this is the better vid,and complete match...with sound:

Keep in mind that this was a talent search for United States Muay Thai Federation.....a chance to see who has true muay thai SKILL...it wasn't a sanctioned fight..no hands being raised at the end. They are recruiting for fighters to join Team USA....WBC prospects..etc. Still important shit....at least for me!

Anyways,I know a few idiots will say dumb shit...and flex their keyboard combat sport "expertise." But really,unless you're training hard yourself,a professional fighter/trainer,etc.....it's really hard to say something absurdly negative about someone who is paying their dues and getting IN the ring...not watching!

I know there are things I have room for improving on...and trust me,I am doing so. But if you have silly snide comments....you will set yourself up for some serious backing up to do for yourself. In other words,are you paying your dues,too?? Just wanted get that out of the way...thank you! :slight_smile: