Big Beyond Belief

I’m just coming out of football season and need to put on some size for next year as my coaches are thinking about moving me to d-line and right now I sit around 215-220 lb. I’ve thought about the basics like 5x5 or I’ve had success with 5/3/1 BBB, but I’ve also been doing some research and found a program called Big Beyond Belief. Everything I’ve found on it either says that it’s way too much volume and so is worthless, and or the volume is tough but is, in the end, worth it.

Anybody have any experience with this program? Any thoughts on it?

Love the program. With a few tweaks it’s a perfect program IMO. There’s 1 or 2 really long threads on this website about those who’ve used it, how they did it, etc. Just use the search function. Do not be scared that you’ll be ‘overtraining’, it’s perfectly doable and you’ll get results.

Check out some of these…

or Beyond 5/3/1 templates: both a hell of a lot simpler and will also give better strength gains.