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Big Beyond Belief Works


So i came here like 2 half weeks ago, i'm nearly 2 weeks into BBB courtesy of Modok being kind enough to explain it to me !

I started on 186/187 lbs completely new to the gym 3 weeks ago today exactly 3 weeks later i weigh 207 lbs.... ya i though my scales was screwy too but it's right somehow in 3 weeks I've added 20lbs to myself !

So is this right lol ? I was told I'd put on weight but is that excessive ? Got my 1st stretch mark on my back last week due to Dumbell Row's I'd presume and I've been advancing in weights pretty well so do i just keep going with the same nutrition plan or do i wait till the scale stops moving up and then add more food.... i'd much rather keep adding weight this fast than wait for it to stop but i will defer to people doing this way longer.


It's pretty normal to gain very fast as a complete beginner :wink:

Gains won't come that fast anymore once you get to a certain point. Btw, how tall are you?


6 foot 1" or 6ft after deadlifting :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I've said this before, but consider yourself lucky. With the guidance and information you've been given, you have a great chance to make some RIDICULOUS noob gains. People make good ones even when they don't know what the hell they're doing.

Stick with it, brother.


Well, I was around 5'10 at age 20, weighing 120 lbs... My newb gains pretty much stopped at around 190-200 lbs or so I think... You might well make it to 240 easy without gaining too much extra fat, but at some point, progress becomes a lot more difficult to achieve.

So yeah... Have at it!


Congratulations. You've already made more progress than some here have made in YEARS.


A good chunk of "noobie gains" is just water retained in the muscles. I doubt you gained more then 5lbs of lean body mass in 3 weeks, muscle does not grow all that fast.


feel free to share the info that MODOK shared with you....

congrats too!


lol, this pisses me off. I never got my newbie gains, I've been fighting for every extra rep and lb since I started. That's what I get for starting as an old man. To be fair, I probably got my newbie gains lifting shit at work when I was 15.


I bought the E book a while back and am looking at the level one 6 days per week program.
What do people think about having only one exercise for back?
For chest I can understand, as you can use a low-incline bench variation. And for thighs, squats are a given. Fortunately I'm gifted with a dominant posterior chain.
However, can the back be sufficiently trained with one exercise, even if it is 3 times a week? I can't think of one that would hit the lats and upper back hard enough.


Unless you were seriously underweight or your strength has also skyrocketed during this timeframe I don't really see a reason to be proud of gaining 20lbs in 3 weeks.

Programs don't cause you to gain weight. That is 100% food. This thread should be about what that 20lbs is composed of and how the program has progressed your exercises, besides the fact that 3 weeks isn't long enough for any kind of results.


Pick 3 moves and rotate them.



Pedal to the metal, STB. Get what you can as fast as you can.

Retin-A, is great for stretch marks. Just be sure to watch sun exposure once you put it on. Just keep a shirt on if you use it on your back, chest, and pit areas. These are where most stretches occur.



You can rotate exercises..


How about you not be a fucking douche bag and just congratulate the guy for taking the first steps on a long journey towards an admirable physique?

To the OP: Grats dude, keep on trucking


Perhaps Mr Popular believes that only 0.25 lb muscle can be gained per week; therefore, anything beyond that is "all food" and nothing to be considered an accomplishment.

If he were not trapped into such limited thinking, he wouldn't have stated that 3 weeks isn't long enough for "any kind of results."


Congrats SmallToBig, that's some very impressive gains.

You should post some pics, either in here or your log. I know I can't be the only one who wants to see the before and afters!


Here's my log since Day 1:


As you can see i was well weak :stuck_out_tongue:

But im advancing every day in every exercise at least 11lbs on every compound and 5lbs on every isolation exercise. This is exactly the 3rd week i have spent in the gym ever, 15 workouts in total, I'm in the gym 6 Days a week for the last 2 weeks i've been trying like hell to add weight.

I never said it was all muscle, i never claimed it was anything other than 20lbs lol I'm not up to date on what weighs what i was just told to add weight to the bar and add weight to myself..... and that's what i'm doing.


To be honest i can't tell lol, my legs look like they have different sections now :stuck_out_tongue:

And my back looks pretty good too ! Its also being split into different sections lol as muscle forms to handle my weights.

I already said i'll be posting pics every 6 weeks at the end of every ramp, 4 weeks to go :slightly_smiling:


Believe me i'm well aware every single PM i make to poor Modok (he must be getting fed up lol) i say thanks and every question to Cephalic is the same :stuck_out_tongue:

When i came here i sent a PM to 6 people who i thought knew what they were doing, i got 2 responses from those 2 and from there i got totally set up, i've stayed away from most of the articles i have my nutrition and my program so no need to tinker with it. I think in this case "ignorance is bliss" !

And yes i will be sticking with it, want to see what 18 weeks on this program will do for me :stuck_out_tongue: