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Big Beyond Belief, 'Super Growth Phase'?


Simple question I should probably know the answer to it. But basicly I'm doing the 6x a week program ive just completed the first ramp and it's time for me to do the "super growth phase" I hear everyone talking about who does the 4days a week program.

However it says "training phase 1" is that the same thing? Basicly the 6x a weeks version of super growth? Just want to clear this up. And if so do I stick to this for 3 weeks or just a simple one week then go to the next training ramp? or do I do 3 weeks of this training phase as ive seen some say they've done with the "super growth phase".


Use the google site search.

It's been out since what? '94?? Lots of stuff on it. Read up Modok's thread.


I've read through all of that. I've used this site for around 4/5 years now. I only signed up because no one had cleared that up. Everyone spoke on the super growth phase for the 4 day a week workout never once is it made clear for the 6th day.


The same training cycles apply for the 6 days a week and 2x a day. You clearly didn't read the ebook.


training phase# aka super growth


thanks MAF14 .


Tatsu what a pointless post. Perhaps you should learn to read. I was making sure super growth and training phase 1 are the same thing. As in the 4x a week it's called super growth. then names it training phase 1 in the 6x a week. You obviously didnt read my post.


Do three weeks and then go onto the next ramp



thanks pars. I'm loving this routine. I've actually trained since I was 13 (I started off with olympic weight lifting) and uive never stopped. when I got to 17 I moved into power lifting with the power lifting coaches, then after that around 19 I went into bodybuilding. And ive honestly got to say ive made some gains on this in the first three weeks. I'd recomend this routine to anyone so far.


And thanks for posting this. I completely forgot I had the book.