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Big Beyond Belief Program


Welcome to my Log of this Program, would like to acknowledge special thanks to Modok and Cephalic Carnage for their kindness towards me as i am a complete beginner as evidenced by my weights below, though i hope over time to bring them to respectable levels.

Below is a message from Dave Tate, i read it by sheer accident and i think is one of the best summaries of life there is around.

Wish good training and good results to all.

If you sit on your ass and expect things to happen - you're wrong. They won't. Nobody will give you anything - you have to work and earn it. People also don't give a shit about what you say you will do. Hell, you will be lucky if they give a shit after you do it.

The bottom line is a weight will not move without effort. You can always lift light shit with little effort but expect the same in return (little reward). Straining harder will require more effort and risk but the return will be higher.

Still nobody will give a shit so make sure your doing it for the right reasons.

Interesting when you think about it. Nobody does really give a shit (except those who are very close to us and that's still a maybe) yet when faced with criticism people get pissed. To get pissed about this means an assumption has been made that someone did give a shit in the first place. The assumption is wrong so why care about something that they don't care about in the first place?

The only one who needs to care is YOU. My question would be if you can't handle the work, strain, stress, pressure, etc than maybe you really don't give a shit either because if you did you would be too busy trying to get better.

Also Mr. Tate:

An athlete must have different personalities. You have one personality thats strictly for the gym. This is the crazy beast that must be locked up and confined for workouts. You cant let this personality out of the cage (real world) because you most definitely will end up in a cage or jail Some people just have two personalities, gym and life; I have six now that I stopped taking my medication.

Courtesy of "PaulieD" from the AD thread !

You should be chasing strength and muscle mass.
And you should 'chase' those qualities aggressively.

The stronger you are, the more muscle mass you can potentially build.
The more muscle mass you carry, the more energy you burn at rest -AND work AND 'play.'
The more energy you burn (ya with me yet?)....the more that energy could potentially come from fat stores.

So unless you're just a butterball (no offense, jus' sayin') -you really should be focused on building strength and muscle mass.

A recent study out of Stanford University found that strength and muscle mass were the two leading indicators for longevity and health.

Build yourself a 'bigger engine' that burns more fuel!


Week 1:

Day 1:
Dumbell Row
Incline Bench
Ez bar Curls
HS Calf Raise

Day 2:
Military Press (standing)
Close Grip Bench Press
Back Squat
Leg Curls

Day 3:
Normal Bench
Seated T-Bar Rows (No way i could do deadlifting after squatting NO HOPE)
Barbell Curls
Standing Calf Raise

Day 4:
DB Military
Reverse Grip Bench (I like this)
Leg Press

Day 5:
Dumbell Row
Inc Bench
HS Calf Raises
Ez bar Curls

Day 6:
Military Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Back Squat


Nutrition Week 1:

4 Eggs
100g Chicken
100g Cheddar Cheese
3g Fish Oil

60g Nuts
30g Protein

Meal 2:
8oz Chicken
3 Eggs
3g Fish Oil

60g Nuts
30g Protein

Dinner: (Post Workout)
8oz Red Meat
3 Eggs
3g Fish Oil

Pre Bed:
60g Nuts
1 Tub Cottage Cheese


More meals, but this was addressed in the other thread already.
Good luck!
Don't worry about strength loss on the first ramp (weeks 1-3) either, that's normal.


Will be following this log intently, since I'm also doing BBB.

Good luck man. Time to grow!


What strength loss :stuck_out_tongue:

But really i'm looking forward to this its all worked out all i need now is Monday to come !

And thank you for your time/comments.


Nice, well you will have me beat strength wise only been lifting weights for 6 days !

But hopefully with lots of food and time ill come roaring up the track.

Best of luck with the ramping.


Following this closely because I am thinking of running BBB. Good luck to you! And dont forget to eat enough!


Allright its 20 past 7 and all my meals are done save one snack and my pre bed meal :frowning:

Might just eat more meat as a snack still hungry !

Nutrition is done though drinking 6 raw eggs was pretty UGH thought it was coming back up for the 1st half hour ! I'll get used to it though, beats the hell out of eating 6 eggs.


Allright 1st Day: 120 Second Rest, 13-15 Reps

Dumbell Row:

Warmup Sets: Er forgot about em, i picked a weight and after 3-4 reps i knew this was the weight!

Set 1: 14kg * 15 (Left and Right)
Set 2: 16kg * 15 (Left and Right)
Set 3: 18kg * 15 (Left and Right) - Really hard when i got to 11 reps bloody diffucult.

Incline Bench:

Warmup Sets: Bar *8, 30kg *8, 40kg *5

Set 1: 45kg * 15 (REALLY hard, had to pause at the top loads of times to try get some strength)
Set 2: 45kg * 10 (Foolishly tried to re-do the weight as you can see no hope !)
Set 3: 42.5kg * 12 (Had to stop alot at the top again is this allowed or is it meant to be a fluid motion ?)

EZ Bar Curls:

Warmup Sets: Bar *8, Bar+5kgs *8

Set 1: +10kg * 12 (HA no hope of another unless i swung it up standing there willing it up and my arms were useless)
Set 2: +7.5kg * 14 (So close !)
Set 3: +7.5kg *9, (Dropped down to +5kg for another 3 reps and no hope after that !)

HS Calf Raise:

Set 1: 50kg * 15 (AHA Oh my god after the 9th rep my calfs felt on fire i just kept saying ow ow ow ow ow untill i got to 15)
Set 2: 55kg * 12 (Ya thought i was able to go up missed the last 3 the calfs just bailed on me)
Set 3: 55kg * 12 (Yip im silly, but i tried :P)

And so concludes Day 1, back tomorrow (oh dear)


My posts are appearing and disappearing.... weird !

So just a few questions:

1)Is the upping of weight more important or hitting the reps ?

2)Is it ok to ramp upwards if my 1st set is to low or do i always go down.

3)If i get the target reps on Set 1, do i still drop the weight for Set 2 or do i try go again ?

4)Can i add more food (never thought id say it) or will i just make do ?


Hmm, should be fine.

Warm up protocol for this program is 1-2 sets at 50 percent of working weight (do 5 reps per set there or so), 1(-2) sets at 75 percent of working weight (again, I'd say around 5 reps). At your strength levels, stick to 1*50percent*5, 1*75percent*5 for the beginning and add warm-ups once you feel the need


Before you go squat (or whatever) tomorrow, make sure to get your form right, watch some vids on the matter etc... (check intensemuscle.com)


HA @ my strength levels :stuck_out_tongue: Give me time !

As for squatting there are some good trainers in my gym, they all train College Athletes in a seperate section but you can go in and ask, they are different from the 1 Day Course Instructors who as a complete beginner look better than them !

But then the major difference in squatting technique is WEIGHT so i might get one of them to review it in a few weeks.


You want to get to failure in the desired rep range in this program.
Hey, why not start a bit light in general, underestimate yourself at first, you can after all quickly work up in weight.
Besides, things are going to get a lot more difficult during week 2 and 3 with shorter rest periods and more sets...
All I mean is, underestimate yourself at first, then adjust, and then you have your baselines which you want to beat.

Sure you can ramp up if the first set is too light.

If you get, say, 15 (out of 13-15) on set 1, you could keep the weight (if the rest-period is 3 minutes or so). If rest is shorter, I'd lower it some. Then again, this depends a bit on the individual and on the rep-range. If you're doing 3x5-7 with 3+ mins of rest... You can possibly do all three sets at the same weight successfully (energy system used there replenishes faster than what you use for 13-15 reps, but never mind that kind of stuff now.)

If you feel hungry, add food... How many cals are you getting in and how much do you weigh now?
Also, 2 grams protein per lb of bodyweight... Or AT LEAST 1.5.


Allright so if its high reps low rest down the weight, low reps high rest keep the weight... over simplified i know but it will do.

I weigh 187 now i've always been around this weight my nutrition is above im getting 1.5g of protein per lb (if not more) and over 120g of good Fats.

But thank you for the advise im going to go ahead and eat something :stuck_out_tongue:

And again, thank you for your time and posts they are much appreciated, especially for a beginner like me. You have saved me alot of time, and potential loss of gains if i had to work it out on my own !

Kindest Regards :slight_smile:


But bear in mind last week, my nutrition was Ready Made Meals and alot of takeaway food so this is a HUGE departure for me !

Is it just my body just wanting more good food (:P) as this is the 1st time in ages i've supplied it with alot of good nutrients !


Allright i put it into Fitday.com

Calories: 3,059

Fat: 197g

Saturated: 65.5g
Polyunsaturated: 45.4g
Monosaturated: 62.5g

Carbs: 48g

Fibre: 7g

Protein: 270g

Not including the 80g before and after workout.

So is it ok or is there glaring issues ?


Nutrition went grand aswell today had 2 buscuits though, some woman i work with was handing them out :stuck_out_tongue:


Day 2 Gym: 120 second rest, 13-15 Reps

Military Press:

Warmup Sets: Bar *8

Set 1: 30kg *15 (Only able to do 6 last week HUGE improvement)
Set 2: 32.5kg *15 (HELL YA)
Set 3: 35kg *15 (<

Must say i was so impressed with myself LOL frigging MASSIVE improvement in a week HELL YA

Close Grip Bench Press:

Warmup Sets: Bar *10

Set 1: 30kg *15 (Fairly easy was hard enough last week to get 8)
Set 2: 35kg *15 (Again fairly easy im getting amazed at this !)
Set 3: 45kg *15 (<

Again WELL impressed last week all the starting weights were hard now im booting WAY up !

Back Squat:

Warmup Sets: Bar *5, 30kg *5, 50kg *5

Set 1: 80kg *15 (Thought i was buried the last rep somehow got back up !!)
(ps; LOOK at my weight LOL last week 60*8 was bloody well hard)
Set 2: 82.5 *13 (Dunno what i was thinking adding weight ! My legs were SHAKING !!)
Set 3: 80kg *11 (Yip i tanked lol, no bloody hope after Rep 11, my legs were shaking like God know's what and i could barely get air in !)


Set 1: Bodyweight Ab Crunches *12 (Erm YUCK)
Set 2: Bodyweight Ab Crunches *10 (!)
Set 3: Bodyweight Ab Crunches *13

Abs are friggin rediculas lol omg OW !

So ends the Endurance Cycle of this Week next onto Strength 10-12 reps tomorrow (agh)
Endurance is well tiring, at the start the 2 minutes rest seems AGES by the time Excercise 3 comes around i'm thinking OMG how's it so fast :stuck_out_tongue:

But i'm well improving, well delighted with my excercises i added what seems ALOT of weight for more reps since last week, look forward to a Years time to my numbers then LOL.


More fiber, put some psyllium seed husk or benefiber in your shakes or so (not pwo though).
Unless you like the toilet a lot, of course :wink:

How much do you weigh again?

3000+ cals should suffice at the beginning, over the course of the year you might want to ramp that up to 4000 slowly or so, especially on that program.