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Big Beyond Belief - 51 Years old


Anyone out there ever complete this routine from start to finish. I’m using the 4 day split and currently on week 16 (Level 1 Supergrowth Phase 3). Started at 205 Lbs and up till last week I was 216. Hard to keep the weight on so now tryin to lean out for the summer.


Im guessing the answer to your question is no.


Yes. I used the 6 day a week program as a staple back in my twenties and thirties (47 now) and I made tremendous gains. You should be able to do a search as there are some threads on BBB. I still use the same principles to this day. The best program I ever used. Period.


Update…now at Nov. 27, 2016…on second round and trying to lose my gut on this round. Did very well on first round. Very happy with results. Strength gains are phenomenal. Highly recommend the program. I do the 4 day split because I know i can stick to it.


would you mind going more in depth on what type of numbers are you talking about? As in before and after numbers…