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Big Beyond Belief: 4 Workout Week?


Hey guys, I'm kinda new here. I've been lurking around for a while but I really need some help from more experienced BBs.

I'm a college student posted up on campus for the summer (I got a summer job here). Now I've been thinking about getting started on the big beyond belief program, as my dad highly recommended it to me as someone who had used the 6/wk workout plan. He got great results with this program in his early 20s. However, upon arriving here, I found out that the f*cking gym here is only open 5 days a week. So, my question is, how does the 4 workout/week program compare to the 6 workout/week program as far as strength and size gains are concerned?

If necessary, I can sign up for a sports club membership down the road, but as a poor college student I probably won't be able to afford that until I get paid in two weeks.

I'm an intermediate lifter but a beginner bodybuilder: I've been lifting since freshman year of high school for athletics.

Thanks for the help guys :slightly_smiling:


I actually prefer the 4x frequency version and had great success with the program.

Just for perspective my lifts when I started were:

Bench 185x4 with PL setup
Squat 275x5 with shitty form
DL 405x1 with shitty form

and I did very well with this program although parts of it were hellishly difficult

Here's the thread for the program: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/ots_bbb_ii?pageNo=25#bottom

If you have any questions post on there or shoot me a PM


thanks, will do.


i like the 6x per week

on that my squat went from about 225x4 to 225x13 (after two cycles)


I haven't done that particular program, however during the rugby season I often only train 4xper week (in the gym)out of neccesity and I am still able to progress. You may as well give it a go.

I think 4xper week would be a minimum though for good size gains beyond a beginner level.
Maybe you could try a different program that has a 5 day split if you think you wont get enough volume.


There's no minimum amount of days you need to be in the gym to progress, your muscles simply need to be stimulated enough to grow and left enough time and fed enough in order to recover and come back stronger.

That being said this program is based on the belief that lowish volume high frequency workouts allow for the fastest gains a person can produce.



I just wanted to say that there is an interview in IronMan with Ben Booker, and he said BBB was the first program he did and he is still doing it.


so far i find this very true, im back to training one bodypart per session and i dont like it as much however i do beleive once i come back to the program in the fall it will make it way more effective

it helped me learn to sqaut much better as well, squatting twice is a week is the shit