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Big Ben... Is He Done?


Has anyone read the SI article of Big Ben?


Is he officially done?â?¦true or untrue these allegations make him look like a real dolt

Monthâ??s after his motorcycle accident he gave a news reporter the finger while riding his bike sans helmet

Two civil lawsuits, one wherein he allegedly sexually assaults a hotel worker, allegedly she came into his room to inspect a faulty TV and then Big Ben tried to give her little ben.

Constant reports stating that he is constantly throwing his name around saying â??do you know who I am.â???

Buying shots for girls that he knew were not of age. These girls also had name tags of a sexual nature (i.e. DTF Down to Fuck)

Said â??all my bitches, take some shotsâ??!

Made fun of a waitress accent when he asked to see one of Bens friends for ID, He then asked the waiter if he knew who the owner was and that he was a personal friend, a few days later he was fired.

Made the following remark to a pregnant waitress at TGIFridays â??did your boyfriend forget to pull out?â??

Refused to pay a $5 cover for a bar, again using the â??do you know who I am?â?? Line

Walked out on paying his tab twice at a local Pittsburgh Grill



I know his cousin Andy and he's a dick too. So, I wouldn't doubt Ben being the same. He's from Lima,Ohio...everyone I've met from there is off the wall ridiculous.


Sounds like a hard case of entitlement to me.


I hope the Steelers "deal" with this situation ASAP. They are one of the most storied, stable, franchises in the league, and should find it unacceptable to have such a low caliber human being holding the most important position on the field.


Have they tried hitting him?


They are not going to trade him or anything of the sort. He will be suspended for 4-6 games and that will be that barring any other legal troubles.


From what I have read, most teammates do not like him, many people in the city of Pittsburgh seem to be getting sick of him, he plays for a highly respected and no nonsense owner...you put all of those together I think it spells disaster


Sounds like his T levels are optimal.


They tried everything - yelling at him, spitting at him, swearing at him...






you forgot the superbowl that he won last year...


Last time i looked there are like 70 people on a Football team + coaches and other staff....yep He won that superbowl all by him self.




LoL, not saying that he isnt a good player just that he is a peace of shit


Cuz he's the only asshole in the NFL?

This just in - some pro athletes have big egos!

Did everyone forget what happened to Kobe just a copule of years ago already?


Whatever happened to boys will be boys?


Ceases to be the case when you're accused of rape twice within a few months


x2. Where do some of you guys draw the line?


Somebody should put an eel in his butt.