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Big Belly, Skinny Fat

How should I deal with this situation?
I am a 23-year-old male. I’am big skinny fat.My current bodyweight is 167 pound (76 kgs) Small hands, legs, but big belly
I know the basics of bodybuilding, programs, diets, calories.
I’m not just skinny fat, i’m big belly skinny fat boy.
I tried to lose weight once,but I stopped weight loss because not that way.
i should lose up to 60kg, that I have 15 bodyfat 15 procents.

when I weighed 74 -75 ~ before sports
drop to 68 ~
the result
just exercising, gathering full protein, belly included
Should I try to maintain weight or bulk into a cut? If so, for how long?
Some say I should bulk first and some say I should cut to 15% of body fat then lean bulk and some say I should eat at maintenance then focus on recomposition. What exactly should I do?

Your overthinking shit… how long you been lifting? Also what’s the end goal?

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Your posture is not great. Your butt and your belly are sticking out in opposite directions. Spend some time and effort to learn how to Feel and Train your lower abs and hamstrings. Hopefully that will straighten you up around the hips.

Also work on your mid back/mid traps and your serratus so your shoulders aren’t rolled forward and slumped. Again, hopefully this will help your stand up straighter so your upper body doesn’t slump forward, causing you to stick your butt out behind you.

Get more, uninterrupted, better sleep. Apparently not sleeping well is a big cause of skinny fatness.

I wouldn’t worry about bulking or cutting right now. It looks like you put on a little muscles once you started training and you’re not Orca Fat so I think your calories are OK. How much protein are you getting? If you want more muscles you may need more.

Whatever you do, keep lifting!


When I lost weight from 75 to 68 I was upset, becouse need to drop about 10 kg
that I have 15 proc bf.

I gave up, didn’t follow a diet, just exercised

Now my goals: I want to be strong to main lifts, its no problem, i know what to do.

One problem: What nutrition strategy is best for me? I want to have 15 - 17 BF,and grow muscle gradually.

its problem. CUT - SKINNY, BULK - SKINNY

Look, how i can throw if i have no muscles at all, if i cut, I will look how a starving child whit belly

The diameter of my biceps, only 30 Centimeters. on 75kg. If i lose belly, I should be i have to drop from 75 to 60kg.

Do you drink?

Read 10 Dan John articles and run through some of his training templates…

Nutrition basic I understand, about whey, carbs, fat, calories… for fat loss or bulk.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t take drugs :smiley:

Friends, If you don’t fully understand things, I’m sorry, becouse my English is poor

Even if the OP isn’t interested, I’m stealing that. I definitely look shit because of posture, and not years of bad dietary choices.


What was the time frame between the first and last picture?

Maybe 7 months, the last picture after arm workout and pwo :smiley:

For covid 19 and other reasons, I dont go to the gym for 5 months.

What nutrition strategy should be in the next six months?

Over the next six months I will do full body workout, 3d, or eod.

I think you should pick a single, trusted source for info and follow that person’s diet and training advice in whatever form that takes. Asking for advice on here will get you 20 different paths to success.

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As I mentioned, I it tried. 2000 calories minus (main 2500)

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Who’s advice did you take?

I’ve seen that dog shit picture 3 more times than I needed to see it.

What is the point in that picture?

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Sorry, Friends,

I just decided to lose weight, lots of advice and opinions. and result: i burned.

I just want your opinion, what nutrition strategy should I start with? I can start again with calorie minus, but no big, maybe 200- 300 ~ or when summer main calories, and autumn - about 200-300~ calorie minus.

And workout program low reps for dl, sq, bp - strenght progressive overload, and accu exercises high reps

I don’t have much information on this, so I think you can give me some advice.

A lot of people say you need to do body recomposition with main calories,but it is a very big process

This is my point: you chose to follow lots of advice and opinions, not just one. I’m going to wheel out an old Dan John staple here:
“I wasn’t getting enough food on my first diet, so now I’m on two”

Pick one voice, one “coach”, one persons roadmap to success and follow it. Try and make sure that person has proven results in the real world (hint: instagram is not the real world), and enough info out there to understand their process and thoughts.

A shortlist from myself that others may choose to add to:

  1. Dan John
  2. Jim Wendler
  3. Brian Alsruhe
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I feel in the maze. I don’t know which way to go.

Yeah, easy way… Test e 300mg/week… the only easy way

Yeah, Dagil,

If I were just thick or thin, I would know what to do.

I’m looking for people who really have experience with skinny fat.

Thanks, I’ll take an interest.

Ha ha ha, that’s really weak if you think that’s the only way.

You seem to have a defeatist attitude. This has to change, stop calling yourself skinny fat and using that as an excuse. Work hard for the next 5 years.

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I hate to break it to you, but you aren’t some super rare butterfly who has to train and eat differently from other people just because you identify as skinny fat. You need to get more muscle and lose some fat. All of those guys, and plenty more besides, can help you with that

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