Big, Bad Roller Coasters...

Just in time for summer, take a moment and read this greatly entertaining and informative article about amusement parks. There’s also a great slide show of the Top Ten.

On a side note, here’s the ONE amusement park I’ve always wanted to visit. It contains no less than 16 roller coaster rides. And they’re some of the biggest, the baddest in the country.
This site also provides “mini” videos of the rides. Very cool.

I’ve had this weird dream to someday spend a few weeks and just travel to maybe, 4 of the best amusement parks in the country. To test my fear of heights (which I like to do) and get on the scariest ride of that park and get a chance to scream like a crazed woman. My idea of fun.

This was how my honeymoon was spent. In Vegas; the “Hot Shot” on the Stratosphere; Magic Mountain and went on EVERY single roller coaster there; Universal Studios, went on every ride.

Anyone else? What about them “Bush Garden” parks? I’ve never been to one.

Roller coasters are fun as hell. I have a friend that’s done documentaries on them, so he’s had an excuse to travel around the country to the best roller coasters for weeks at a time. He apparently had an awesome guidance counselor.

Actually, one of the scariest rides I’ve been on was at Knott’s Berry Farm, and it wasn’t a roller coaster. You get in this short cage (top rung about hip-high) that has a “parachute” over it (really a canvas that’s been tattered beyond recognition). They take you to about 200 feet, and you get this great view of the surrounding area, hold you there for a while, then let it go. Nearly free-fall. No warning. Of course it’s giuded by cables, and slowed at the bottom, but it really takes you by surprise.

I’m going roller coaster riding this weekend, can’t wait.

Patricia - i’ve been to Cedar Point several times, and it has, by far, the best roller coasters in the country. The hellevator is amazing.

Okay Rummy, color me jealous. Someday you have to tell me ALL about your experience at Cedar Point.

Jared: maybe your friend was partly responsible for a “Discover Channel” documentary on roller coasters that I had seen. This documentary was the one that provided me my first ever glimpse of Cedar Point.

Wow, Cedar Point now has the worlds first 400’ tall roller coaster! Amazing! This makes them the first to 200’ (Magnum XL-200), 300’ (Millenium Force), and 400’ (Top Thrill Dragster). I’ve known about the park for quite a few years but have never gone. I know what I’m going to be doing next Summer!

I’ve done the Busch Gardens park in Cali and the one in Colorado. Great Coasters and free fall rides. The one in Cali takes you up, up, up and then pushes you out over the park. You’re in a sitting position and you just sit there for several seconds. About the time you relax and look at the scenery, BAM, you drop straight down and then it tips you back, so your lying down instead of sitting up, and keeps moving. Crazy!


Should you and Ko care to visit Cedar Point in Sandusky let me know, I live about 1 hour south east. I grew up every summer going to Cedar point and have some great memories of it!

I was just at Six Flags Magic Mountain in L.A. a few weekends ago. It was retarded busy and is not even worth going unless you can get there early and pay extra money to get the “Speed Pass”, which allows you to go to the front of the line.

I went on 2 rides. Goliath, which was very cool, and Scream. Goliath has a major drop in the beginning and sends you through a dark tunnel. Scream had some cool twists and turns.

Phatman, thanks so much for the offer and how kind of you!

Wow. Y’know, I’m going to keep this in mind. :-))

6 flags Great Adventure here in NJ. Is the bomb I can’t wait try out the new Superman ride. I been on the Batman one and a few others already at GA and it was thrilling. Don’t know if I will be able to get to Great Adventure this year though.

Oh yeah, I love coasters and other rides of that sort.

Never been to cedar point yet, but I will go there once the kidlets are old/big enough to actually ride on the larger rides. Same goes with most of the rest of the parks around the country.

I have been to the local park here in minnesota several times, also been to disney/busch gardens in florida, and to six flags in illinois. So that leaves about 5 more places to go many times each…

Bah, just go jump out of an airplane. Of course, I’m a little biased.

The Bush Gardens in VA is the best amusement park I’ve ever been to. It’s neat as it’s in the woods, and not in the open like most parks.

Their coasters rock! They have a cool hypercoaster that Favio broke his nose on when a bird hit him in the face.

Other parks I’ve been to: 6 Flags in NJ, Hershey Park, King’s Dominion, Konabole’s, and Wild World (which becaome Adventure World, which became 6 flags, MD).

I love coasters, but haven’t been to a park in a while. :D(

BTW, if you have many hours to kills, I highlt suggest Roller Coaster Tycoon I and II!

Jumping out of airplanes sounds like great fun.

too bad it’s not quite so easy for regular joe’s who aren’t in the military. It’s not only pricey but highly weather dependant (in civilian circles). Sorta like hot air balloon rides in that regard.

I am going to do many jumps from planes though, or at least enough so that im allowed to do the fun freefall a few times.

You’re right, but civilian jumps are much better than military jumps, better chutes/softer landings/actual freefall, much more fun.

live about an hour northwest of cedar point. michigan. went on the top thrill dragster. also have done two static jumps from a plane. last i heard the top thrill dragster was closed. i was there about two months ago. its always closing from shit not working right. broke twice while i was in line for about three hours. you would not believe what that thing will do to your body!!! equal to a static jump from a plane. completely insane!!

I lived near Kings Island in Cincinnati my whole life. Great park, I’d suggest it.

BUT, since Ohio contains Cedar Point, I would do that one first. Patricia, I’ve never been there, but everyone of my Cleveland friends have been there, and they LOVE it. They say it’s the best rollercoaster park ever.

Oh, and I’ve been to Busch Gardens in Tampa. It was really really cool. Like an Animal Park and rollercoast park in one. well worth the money.