Big bad bench help!

I have a problem. the gym where I train is only equipped with a few sets of dunmbells, barbells, a dip and pullup station and an adjustable bench. What can I replace close grip pushdowns and face pulls with? I am not able to do them because I don’t have the machines.

You might be able to do a close grip French press laying on a bench and pushing toward the ceiling instead of standing and doing close grip push downs. When I travel and end up in a health club from hell. I focus on doing any specific routines that do not require machines or free weights. Sit ups, push ups, bench dips etc. Read, read, and read some more one of those monthly training trash mags will have a routine that will help you reach your goal. Peace

If you want a big bench, don’t waste time on pushdowns. Use a close grip bench and lying extensions for tris. Use either bar or DBs and bring them to your chin or neck, not forehead.

As for face pulls, I try not to pull my face too much. It makes me even uglier than I already am

just so you know, the peeps at WSB don’t hardly ever do pushdowns. They do, JM presses (w/ barbell), bench pressing off 3-5 boards, called “board pressing,” and they do all kinds of tricep extensions, with dumbells and barbells.