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Big Bad Bear

I don’t know how true this is but got this via email.

The following pictures are of a guy who works for the forest Service in Alaska. He was out deer hunting.
A large world record Grizzly charged him from about 50 yards away. The guy unloaded a 7mm Mag Semi-auto into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The thing was still alive so he reloaded and capped it in the head.
It was over one thousand six hundred pounds, and 12’6" high at the shoulder. It’s a world record.

The bear had killed a couple of other people. Of course, the game department did not let him keep it.

Think about it. This thing on its hind legs could walk up to the average single story house and could look on the roof at eye level.

Also his last meal was human.

I supose anything is possible, but this looks like maybe a Photoshop job, and the legends of which the old (and very bad) movie Grizzly (1976) are based on.

If true, this guy is beyond lucky that he didn’t become bear food.

Too cool. I’ve been dying to do a Griz hunt in Kodiak. However, after doing some research, it looks like I’ll need about 10G$.

I’m also a big fan of dear hunting. Any others here?

check out snopes.com… this pic is real.

That is a big frickin bear. Look at the size of the head. I am suprised a 7mm Mag. took it down so quick. Goes to show you that shot placement is more important then power. Hell a .458 doesn’t look big enough for that thing.

To poohbaya:

I’m also a huge deer hunter. I mostly hunt in Louisiana swamps but I also have hunted in Texas, Mississippi, and Michigan. I also hunt ducks, geese, pigs, and alligators in the same spots I deer hunt in Louisiana. Then you can add in the fishing and you can say we have a variety to keep us busy down here.

Yeah, you got it good in terms of offerings. Ky sucks majorly when it comes to most all game. However, we are stocking up Elk right now, so when I’m like 126, I could probably hunt them.

I hear Bama is the bomb for whitetail.

Yea, but our whitetails don’t have really big horns in the swamps. I thought Kentucky had a lot of whitetails. Also, Mississippi and Alabama do have some nice deer. I have friends that hunt over there and have come back with some monsters.

pooh and JasonL - How much venison do you guys get out of one dear? It must be a function of size, but what have your experiences been? I know this has been discussed before, but do you find it to be a good return in regard to protein/$ spent? I have not hunted before, but I’ve been deep sea fishing for tuna, and mahi mahi about 5 times. Besides the fact that it’s fun, I’ve come back with an average of about 35 pounds of meet each time after it’s split up with my brothers.

TO dcb:

I want to say that I usually get around 50-70 pounds of meat off a buck(around 150-190# deer). This is me just guessing as I have never weighed just the meat before. I got mine processed at a meat market for around $1.50 and they also added pork to add flavor. I think next time I will get less pork so I can eat it more on my regular diet. As you can see it is not too cheep and maybe one day I will get my own grinder and sausage stuffer.

I know what you mean about getting a lot of meat off tuna. I work for my parent’s seafood company in which buy and sell Tuna wholesale. The yield on a tuna is 75%. So you are getting 75% meat out of the tuna. This yield doesn’t include the head and tail, which is cutt off when we get them from the boats.

Well, my only two takes (both 8 pointers) I thoroughly butchered the poor thing when gutting it. Blame it on my Dad I guess. He was my supervisor and hadn’t taken one since the 80’s. :slight_smile:

Point is, I managed to slice both the stomatch and intestine. Let’s just say that the meat didn’t look too appetizing then.

Next time I’ll do it right.

To dcb –

Actually, if you looked at the $/lb rate of everything spent for the hunting trip, butchering, etc, then venison would be one of the most expensive meats around. Unless you live in a state that allows you to HARVEST deer (as in taking more than one animal), it will NEVER be cheap. But then again, that’s not really the point of hunting… Ever heard the phrase “once you pull the triggerm the fun’s over?”

I didn’t think it would be worth it if you were only in it for cheap protein. I was just wondering if it’s a nice side benefit. When I mentioned the meat that I’ve brought home from fishing I didn’t mean that it’s cheap. When you consider everything that goes into it, it’s not really. It’s worth it though, because it’s fun, and there’s something that’s primal and satisfying about catching your own food. Not to mention that the taste of mahi mahi that has been caught, and cooked on the same day is out of this world. I would guess it’s similar to hunting so I’ve thought about getting into it a few times. It’s too bad that you can’t hunt in suburban Maryland because there’s deer that walk through my parents front yard every day.