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Big Backs- What Kind of Rows Do You Do?


talking bb rows mainly here.
pendlay rows?
45 degree back angle rows?
touch n go rows?
dead stop rows?
db rows?
tbar rows?
overhand or underhand for them?
my erectors are much more powerful than my lats, so i need to get this stuff balanced.


I like doing basic barbell rows with a wide grip. That tends to target the lats pretty well for me, and when i wear a belt it basically takes out all lower back involvement


For lats I like dumbell rows and supinated grip bb rows yates style. You can load both these exercises a lot and they focus mainly on the lats the way i do them. Honestly don't forget to include some vertical pulling for lat development as I feel they target the lats almost exclusively if you do them right.


How is this even remotely possible? I am genuinely interested to know.

I stick to basics myself really as far as free weight rows..

Standard Barbell Row (just outside of shoulder grip)
Yates Row
Smith Row
T-Bar Row
Rack Pulls
Standard Deadlift
DB Row

I have done Bar rows for years but it was only in the past 2 that i have been able to do it with a heavy weight and still keep the feeling in the back.

I can't stress enough the importance of that. (assuming you are asking as you feel your back is lagging..?)


When you say erectors.. do you mean erectors or do you mean your lower back? If lower back then i suggest you minimise the unsupported BB rows for a little and try to focus on the mid/upper area using supported rows (DB rows are great for that IME)..

You could start with rack pulls or BB rows and then move onto DB rows, Supported Tbar, weighted chins and pulldowns.. this is similar to what i am doing at the moment...

Or you could split the back into 2 sessions, 1)Mid back/rows 2)Lats/Pulls.

This should allow you to focus on the area you need easier and allow a greater volume to bring up the area..

If you are wanting muscle, dont be afraid to use machines and cables as well as FW :wink:


I always thought: pull ups and downs for lats, rows for rhomboids and traps. I suppose if I wanted to build back width using rows, my list would look different. Be that as it may: T-bar rows and Krocs are my favs. I find it is very difficult for me to keep my form in check on the standard BB row when going heavy, and it wears on my lower back/ QL's.


Hmnnn I always viewed movements in the vertical plane (chins, pulldowns etc) targeting the lats more so, and movements in the horizontal plane (various rows) as targeting more mid-back/thickness etc.

For my lats, I like to do Pulls standing in a cable station (eliminates the bicep assistance you get when doing pull downs), and close grip chins (get a much better stretch in the lats from a closer hand spacing, I don't care what you think you read in Musclemag -lol).

For my midback, I like to do standing bent rows with 2 DBs simultaneously (started these a year or so ago, and just like them better than using a bar), and yates rows either by loading up a cambered (EZ) bar, or putting a cambered attachment on a low cable station.

As an aside, I'll mention that for my lower traps (which might be considered 'back' muscles to some), I like to lay prone on an incline bench, and do front raises with a barbell, my hands spread out as far as I can on the actual bar, and getting a nice hard contraction at the top (sort of like a face pull).



Has anybody ever had AC joint pain with kroc rows/dumbell rows? Just hurt my AC joint so I'm laying off of presses, but the pain comes back in the joint when I'm using that side to support myself during kroc rows and I love 'em to much to stop.


Yep true you've got me there. I was thinking more about how it allows for heavier weight and reduces lower back strain by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure, but i guess it came out wrong.

What i was trying to say was that when training for the movement, and trying to target the lats, i find it more effective to wear a weight belt because i dont have to focus on core stability as much


Yates rows and wide neutral grip seated rows. Throw in some rack chins, rack pulls and some pull overs and you have the start of a good back program.


Rack Chins, HS Pulldowns + DC hanging lat or doorknob stretch.

Really, rows are not the best choice for backwidth, except perhaps HS high rows (never tried them before though). Kroc rows with elbow right at the side and actual yates rows as well as pendlays will all have a backwidth "side-effect", but hmmm.


I prefer BB rows Ronnie style and 1 arm T-bar rows. I found out about the 1 armed Tbars last week and they are my new favorite exercise, love 'em.


I agree saw them on youtube a month or so ago have been doing them since. Great feeling in both the lats and midback area, plus your erectors get a good work from stabilizing your body.


I like to mix it up. But I like one-arm dumbell rows a lot. I feel that people typically don't incorporate enough unilateral movements into training.




Rack Pulls, T-Bar Rows, Pull-Ups, Cleans.


Kroc rows FTW.


This has worked really well for me. Up to 4 plates and a quarter on the 1 arms. It feels like my upper back is getting ripped apart.


Lmfao! For like 30 seconds I thought this thread was titled " Big Blacks-what kind of rows do you do?" I immediately thought of x and lewhitehurst and how fucking hilarious it would be if it was actually titled that. I was so disappointed when I read it correctly.


I just dont get from belts what many seem to. They are 'ok' but not great and as such i hardly ever use one for rows, squat, deads etc..

That said i am not a strong man either and never venture past 5-6 plates on anything.