Big Back - Two Days/Week?

Worrying about how many back workouts per week at this stage is kind of pointless, but working it more than once a week spreading out the volume like mark said works good. Anyways, With a 225 deadlift you need to focus on getting stronger and watch your back grow. Going from rowing 95 to 225 for reps, you’ll have alot more mass. Mind muscle connection and technique is important as well.

17 sets of back work is plenty enough,don’t get caught up in the stigma of endless sets in a workout. As they say, less is more.

I don’t see the point in doing Deadlifts, barbell rows, one arm dumbell rows all in the same workout. Thats most likely the cause of your erectors mainly growing and not being able to target your lats or other areas of your back efficiently, barbell rows are taxing enough on the lower back and doing them after deadlifts so yeah, you’re just frying your lower back.

If you’re into bodybuilding there’s plenty of good programs on this site or thought out templates like this:

Or you could do something like 5/3/1 and one of its many variations.